Sunday, August 5, 2012

Until Next Time… (Hasta la próxima vez…)

Thank you to all of the wonderful families that made Spanish Camp 2012 (first Se Habla Spanish Camp ever!) such a success.  It was MUY fun, and we learned MUCHO!!  Here is a recap in photos of the great week...

LUNES(Monday)--Los colores
We learned the colors of the ARCO IRIS (rainbow)--rojo, anaranjado, amarillo, verde, azul, morado...and more!
Eating the rainbow
MARTES (Tuesday)--Los números
We learned how to count to ten when we read the book Los diez puntos negros.  We also had a visit from BoPeep who helped us practice counting with sheep.
We made play dough of different colors.
MIÉRCOLES (Wednesday)--Letras y comida
We went to el restaurante and made the letters of our names out of play-doh.

JUEVES (Thursday)--El cuerpo
We learned our body parts by making life-size portraits, and with the help of our special guest Pin-Pon.  We also made miniature "Pin-Pons" for snack!

VIERNES (Friday)--La familia y los opuestos
We read the book La casa adormecida, and then had fun looking for our friend "el pato."

See you next year at Spanish Camp 2013!!

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