Monday, December 3, 2012

Spanish in the Workplace--NEW CLASS

I would like to take a minute to highlight one of the adult Spanish classes coming up in January—Spanish in the Workplace.  This class is for adults that want to learn helpful and useful phrases to begin using right away in the workplace.  We will learn how to express dates and time; we will learn vocabulary around the office; we will learn how to give and take directions; we will learn how to talk about and describe different people, and much more.  This particular textbook takes a very hands-on approach.  Each lesson is simple and succinct, with weekly jokes, dialogues, games and interactive practice exercises.    

Whether you work at a school, in the lawn & landscaping business, or in a cubicle, this 12-week course is for you.  Designed specifically with working professionals in mind, this course helps adult students jump right in and begin practicing new vocab and phrases in the workplace from the get-go.  Sign up today! 
Registration Fee: $35
Cost: $30/month
Day&Time: Meets Mondays, 6-7pm
Dates: Class Begins January
Author, Michelle Buehring, has years of experience in teaching second language learning, teaching ESL for over 30 years.  From the cover of her book, "In just a short time, employees have enough knowledge to create their own sentences, effectively shrinking that language barrier at work that has existed for far too long."

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