Thursday, January 10, 2013

Color Me Spanish!

Me and the Hubs when we dressed up
as Dora the Explorer and Waldo.  I
was four-months pregnant with our
first son.
We were having a rainy-recovering-from-the-flu kind of morning today—a perfect time for getting a package in the mail to lift our spirits!  Today we received our own copy of Color Me Spanish (Volume 1) by Eileen Mc Aree.  It is funny because we were actually watching Dora the Explorer for the first time (I had watched it before, but my oldest son had not) when we broke open the new coloring book—I guess it was a Spanish kind of morning too.

For those of you who follow my blog, you know that I am using Eileen’s book 52 Weeks of Family Spanish for my Mommy & Me class. Color Me Spanish is her new book that functions much like a companion to the 52 Weeks of Family Spanish.  The reason why I like Eileen’s books so much is that she is a mom who sought to learn Spanish with her kids, and her books teach all of the wonderful things she and her family learned—in an understandable, approachable way—for families who want to do the same.  You can also note from her writing that she is an educator—she understands how kids need to, and like to, learn. 

Really helpful pronunciation guides are listed right next
to each word.
In Color Me Spanish you can learn over fifty new words including colors, numbers, animals, places around the city, and more.  Each page has a large illustration, the Spanish word written underneath, and the same word at the bottom for tracing.  Also, the beginning of each section highlights a list of all the words and their pronunciation.  So for example, at the beginning of the colors section, all the color words are listed in Spanish with a pronunciation guide written right next to them—such a simple and easy-to-use design.  I was also happy to find the book came with a great on-line resource too, the Family Language Resources website full of links and suggestions for learning any language as a family.    

With a one-year-old and a two-year-old, it is great to have quick and easy Spanish resources at my fingertips for those busy boys.  When they get a whim to color I am so excited that I now have this book to grab to reinforce Spanish words that we are currently talking about and learning to use.  

What kind of easy-to-use, kid-friendly things have you found for learning Spanish at home?  I’d love to hear about them!  Comment below, or visit Facebook or Twitter to join in the conversation!

**Disclosure: I like to recommend books, products, and resources on this blog that I believe will be helpful and beneficial to your family for learning Spanish.  I did not receive payment for this review; however, I did receive a complimentary copy of the book Color Me Spanish!  All opinions are my own.   

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Las chicas y los chicos

¡Buenos días a todos!
Good morning everyone!

One of my goals for the new year is to keep a journal in Spanish. This a good way to practice and learn "everyday Spanish" because the Spanish I use in the classroom or that I use in formal conversations with strangers is a little different. This will be a good exercise to practice more informal/slang Spanish and help me to learn new phrases or idioms.

I encourage you to do this, even if you only write a couple of sentences a day. Start out writing 1. What you're going to do today and 2. What you are thinking about or feeling. A five-minute exercise like this is more beneficial than one hour of study only once a week. For words or phrases you don't know, I highly recommend! Also, if you have an iPhone, you can add a Spanish keyboard to help you type all the right accents and symbols. Happy journaling!

Hoy empiezo el journal? No sé como se dice...aaaaa sí! El diario. Así que aprendo más porque cuando hay una palabra que yo no sé, voy a tener que buscarla en el diccionario. Una meta del año nuevo para mi es escribir en el diario en español. Entonces aquí estoy. Hoy es sábado....vamos a ir a una fiesta para una amiguita de nuestro hijo. Ella va a cumplir tres años y muy pronto también nuestro hijo. No tenemos hijas entonces nos vamos a divertir con las cosas de chicas hoy....las chicas son muy diferentes que los chicos. De manera natural la amiguita de nuestro hijo habla de las princesas, la ropa, el baile, y todo eso. Y al opuesto nuestro hijo siempre "vuela" y corre por nuestra casa como un superhéroe y se choca con todo a propósito y a él le encantan los coches, los pedos y los eructos. A mí me encanta criar a los niñ sé qué haría con una niña. :-P voy hasta la próxima vez. ¡Nos vemos! Y muchas gracias por pasar a saludar. Haga un comentario abajo sobre su día o cuáles pensamientos están en su cabeza o qué va a hacer hoy día.
Un abrazo,
Profesora Kali