Saturday, March 9, 2013

Eating a Rainbow // A comer un arco iris

If you follow any kid-related blogs you have probably come across many rainbow projects!  A plethora of fun and creative ideas exist already, so I am not going to re-invent the wheel—or the rainbow.  I collected some of my favorite rainbow projects and put them in a list for you below.  You should really check them out...they are very fun!  If you want to see images head on over to my Pinterest page where I put them all in one spot for you!

Bubble Wrap Printed Rainbows from I HEART CRAFTY THINGS
Melted Bead Rainbow Magnet from I Can Teach My Child
Beaded Rainbow from I Can Teach My Child
Color Activities for Kids from In Lieu of Preschool

Each of these can be adapted and used for learning Spanish!  Just use the Spanish colors below.  Also check out these videos for help learning your colors in Spanish.

Last summer at Spanish Summer Camp we ATE a rainbow.  Here is a fun list of words to learn if you want to try this project at home.  It is healthy too!
la fresa
(lah FRAY-sah)
la naranja
orange (the fruit)
las palomitas
(lahs pahl-oh-ME-tahs)
el kiwi
(ehl KEE-wee)
kiwi (the fruit)
los dulces
(lohs DOOL-sehs)
las uvas
(lahs OO-bahs)

What kinds of rainbows have you been making?  

Friday, March 8, 2013

Learning through Play: CARS // Shapes

Ready?  Start your is another fun activity to learn Spanish with CARS!  Today’s post is about shapes—formas (FORE-mahs).  After we sorted our cars by color and compared their differences and similarities, we took them in the kitchen where the floor is best for racing and driving.  I snagged some tape from on top of the fridge and made some roads in the shape of a circle and square.  Below is a fun vocab chart centered around this activity.


El cuadro (ehl KWAH-droh)
I listed some shapes that we did not make, in case you decide to make streets with other shapes as well.  Our kitchen floor is quite small, as well as the attention span of Mr. Big Stuff, so we just made two shapes.  When you are trying out these activities, do not hesitate to use “Spanglish.”  Just think of the new Spanish words as you would think of any new word for your child.  Use it a lot in context; repeat it with them; have them say it; point it out to your child anytime you see an object that is a new word you have studied.

Try saying things like “Which coche are you going to drive?”  “Oh, what color is your coche? Azul?”  “Let’s drive our coches on the círculo.”  “What shape is this calle?  A cuadro, that’s right!”

For those wanting to speak more in Spanish phrases, try these.

“El círculo es redondo.” (ehl SEAR-koo-loh ehs ray-DOHN-doh)  It means, “The circle is round.”
“¿Cuántos lados tiene el cuadro?” (KWAHN-tohs LAH-dohs tee-EH-nay ehl KWAHD-roh) Which means, “How many sides does the square have?”

el círculo (ehl SEAR-koo-loh)
Depending on the shape you are talking about, you can use the phrase above to ask how many sides of any shape.  Just insert the shape name where you see the word cuadro.

Try watching some of these videos to practice learning your shapes.

¡Feliz shaping!

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I Can Teach My Child

Thursday, March 7, 2013

A hacer un muñeco de nieve // Making a Snowman

Before all the snow and snowmen melt, how about we learn some new vocab while making a snowman or muñeco de nieve (moon-YAH-koh day nee-AY-vay)?  What types of snowmen or snow-people have you been making?  Here is a fun post with many snowman ideas.  Be sure to leave your ideas in the comments below!

At our house we made some “snow” out of equal parts of shaving cream and glue.  I learned this fun trick at the preschool I used to work at.  I think you can find it on Pinterest or other places on the internet too.  Here is a great tutorial that I found on Sleepyhead Designs Studio that you can check out too!  We adapted ours a little according to the materials we had available at home.  And it was so much fun that we tried it in our Mommy & Me Spanish class last week too.

Below is a photo list of what we used.  You could also print these pictures off and use them as photo Spanish flashcards.

Here is what you will need:

(¿Qué necesitan? means “What do you all need?)

Here are the directions:

Measure and mix equal parts of glue and shaving cream
in a bowl to make 
nieve (snow).
Dollop the nieve (nee-AY-vay) on blue paper.  Let the kidlets choose,
¿Uno, dos, o tres bolas? (¿OOH-noh, dohs, oh trehs BOW-lahs?)
(One, two or three balls?)
   If you want to ask them if they would like more, simply ask, “¿Más? (moss)” They can answer “” (see) or “No (noh).”
  My guess is they will want more.
Next, let them decorate with beads, pipe cleaners,
construction paper, or whatever you
can find around the house.

To talk about their snowmen, as “¿De qué color es _______? (Day kay koh-LORE ehs ______) and fill in the blank with an object you want them to name the color of.  Like...

el gorro (ehl GORE-oh) : hat
la bufanda (lah boo-FAWN-dah) : scarf
los brazos (lohs BRA-sohs) : arms
los botones (lohs boh-TONE-ehs) : buttons
los ojos (lohs OH-hohs) : eyes
la nariz (lah nah-REES) : nose
la boca (lah BOW-kah) : mouth

If you just want to practice the colors...ask them in English, “What color is his hat?”  To which your kidlets can respond “¡Rojo!” or “¡Verde!” Or whatever color the hat is.  Check out these videos if you want extra help learning the colors and their pronunciation. 
Have fun making your snowmen and enjoying the last snows of winter!  How much has it snowed where you are from this winter?  What other kinds of snowmen have you made?

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