Looking for some kid-friendly activities to do with your kiddos to explore the art and lives of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera?  Check these out!

OurFeministPlayschool shares how to make a “Blue House,” coloring pages, and self-portrait ideas on her post Frida Kahlo Activity Planner.

The Good Long Road has two posts with activities centered around books that introduce Kahlo and Rivera.  The first, My Abuelita, has a cat named after Frida Kahlo.  The Good Long road does a self-portrait activity to introduce the cat’s namesake (Kahlo), cooks a Mexican recipe and even does some Spanish language-learning to celebrate Kahlo’s culture and the culture of the book My Abuelita.  With the second book, Diego Rivera: His World and Ours, The Good Long Road does a great mural-making activity, dances, and offers some fun Cubist play-doh ideas!

Kid World Citizen is a great resource for multi-cultural topics and activities for kids.  Click here to see all the posts the site has related to Mexico, the home country of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera.

Mommy Maestra offers these great lesson plan ideas with a Frida Kahlo theme.  Click here to also see the fabulous lesson plans, coloring pages, and books Mommy Maestra has gathered about Diego Rivera.

Crayola offers a great lesson plan here on turning a human interest story into a mural, just like Diego used to do!

And finally, if you get a chance to check out and Frida Kahlo or Diego Rivera art at your local art museum, check out these great tips for visiting museums with kiddos from No Time for Flashcards.

What activities have you done with your niños to celebrate the lives and work of Frida Kahlo or Diego Rivera?  Share your ideas in the comments below!