I recently found this link-up called “Insta-Friday.”  I love the idea behind it.  Sometimes I have felt that the representation of my life that I put out there in social media world misleads one to think my life is always happy.  And honestly when I scroll through my Instagram feed sometimes I find myself comparing my life to others’ lives and feeling bad about my own.  But the idea behind Insta-Friday is to realize that none of us has a perfect life–but we do have a beautiful one!  And how neat that we can capture those beautiful moments and share them with each other.  I am also excited to participate in Insta-Friday, because it will be a great way to practice the days of the week in Spanish!  So here is my Insta-Friday post.

sábado (Saturday)
Saturday we attended a funeral (el funeral) for the father of one of my husband’s friends.  I have not been to many funerals in my life, only grandparents and a childhood friend.  This man is not someone I knew well, but I was moved to hear the story of his life and how he a humble, yet passionate, life of faith.  Even in his death, his life continues to inspire.  After the funeral, our spirits were lifted as we got to enjoy The Big Bro’s guitar recital.  His song of choice: Stay by Rihanna.  It blows me away to see how quickly he is growing up and becoming his own person.

domingo (Sunday)
Saturday we picked the boys up after the recital and Judah was running a fever.  I hate having to see my kiddos sick.  He ran a fever (la fiebre or la calentura) through the night, but it cleared mid-morning and we had a chance to play outside.  We had this awesome new thermometer (Exergen Temporal Artery Thermometer) my mom bought at Target.  It works great because Judah never wants to sit still to have the regular thermometer under his arm.  With this one you simply make a swipe across the child’s forehead and it reads his or her temp!  Kids can even do it themselves (as Judah demonstrates above).  
lunes (Monday)

Excuse the naked baby picture.  My Little Guy, is growing up so fast!  Monday morning we woke up and I did some chores while Little Guy played.  When I turned around I saw that he had built this all by himself!  I was so proud I hurried to take a picture.  Here he is imitating the look on my face.  What a cutie.  I love to see his buildings (edificios) getting more and more sophisticated.

martes (Tuesday)

Tuesday Judah was all back to normal and we had a regular summer day playing outside with water (el agua).  
miércoles (Wednesday)

On Wednesday Soren helped me work on one of my current Spanish projects.  For a while now I have been collecting/recycling bottle caps from milk jugs, water bottles, and such.  I finally had enough gathered that I thought we should start soaking them and trying to remove the labels.  We began the project inside and quickly move afuera (outside) as Soren was enjoying splashing in the water a little too much!
jueves (Thursday)

This photo still cracks me up!  Thursday we went out to eat after getting some exciting news (more about that later) and I ordered El Gordo (The Fat One) from the menu.  When ordering I did not realize it would come out on TWO FULL PLATTERS!  I definitely had a good laugh and felt like I fit the bill of fatty.  It came with una chalupa, un chile relleno, un taco, un tamal, una enchilada y arroz y frijoles.  I could not finish it all but I sure tried!

viernes (Friday)

And last but not least, viernes!  This morning we read some of the awesome library books we picked up on miércoles.  One of them inspired Judah to write a story.  So fun.  🙂  What did you do esta semana (this week)?  

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