I’m linking up to Insta-Friday again!  How was your week?  Would love to hear from you in the comments below…here is a look at our week in pictures.
life rearranged
sábado (SAH-bah-doh)
Saturday 13 July 2013

Saturday we did something new and different!  Our favorite book store (it is within walking distance of our house) had author Ann Ingals come and share her story Ice Cream Soup.  I love that my boys got to meet a real-life author, and her story was just right for their age.  She also had a fun ice cream scooping game planned and some fun songs.  I had double-booked myself and missed a showing of the Mexican film Rudo Y Cursi at the Nelson (our local art museum), but I think it was worth it.  We even got free ice cream from the local ice cream shoppe out of the deal!

helado = ice cream
Jefe tried mint-chocolate chip…my
favorite flavor as a child!
sabor = flavor

domingo (doh-MEEN-goh)
Sunday 14 July 2013

This must have been a good day of rest for me.  I cannot recall doing a single thing.  Oh.  I think I painted my toenails.  Gold.  It’s the little things…
uñas = toenails
dorado = gold (the color)

lunes (LOOH-nays)
Monday 15 July 2013

This was a good lunes for me.  I started something new this week.  Every morning I woke up, got ready for the day, ate breakfast, and had some alone “me” time.  It all started on lunes and made this week a great week.  It must have been the gold toes that inspired me to do something new and crazy…

We also got some great outside time Monday morning.  Jefe and Scachemo built some amazing walls and buildings.  It is thrilling to see how much fun they can have with a few rocks and bricks and their imagination.

piedra = rock
ladrillo = brick

martes (MAHR-tays)
Tuesday 16 July 2013

Oh, Tuesday, what an eventful day you were.  It was Tía Tuesday (our first one!) so my sister came over to hang out.  We all went outside to play.  My one-year-old went inside and shut the door, and I thought nothing of it.  Until Jefe ran to open it after him and said, “It’s locked!”  I still thought nothing of it…Scachemo does not know how to lock the door.  Oh yes.  He does.  My sister and I were both outside without keys or phones.  So she had to walk to our sister-in-law’s house to borrow phone.  Eventually they came back and managed to pry our AC unit out and I lifted Jefe in through the hole.  He ran inside and unlocked the door, pretty excited to be the hero for the day.
tía = aunt
hermana = sister

miércoles (mee-EHR-koh-lays)
Wednesday 17 July 2013

My current reads as of late are Bilingual Is Better by Ana Flores y Roxana Soto, and 7 Steps to Raising a Bilingual Child by Naomi Steiner.  In both books I have found encouragement as a mom who is trying to raise her children to be bilingual.  This quote I read miércoles from Bilingual is Better had me pretty excited: “Auerswald is living proof that you can still raise bilingual children even if you are monolingual yourself.  It’s definitely not easy, and Auerswald doesn’t claim otherwise, but if you really want this for your children, it’s absolutely doable.”  How encouraging to hear stories of other families, who do not have Latino or non-English roots per se, but who are seeking anyways to raise their children with more than one language and culture.

jueves (who-AY-bays)
Thursday 18 July 2013

My last day with long hair (pelo largo).  I cut bangs about a month ago, but that was not enough to satisfy my urge for change.  I have been rearranging our house, having garage sales, I dyed my hair auburn (it is hard to tell in this picture) and still I just had that itch.  Must be a side effect of pregnancy.  So I made an appointment to get it all chopped off.  One last picture as a remembrance.

viernes (bee-EHR-nays)
Friday 19 July 2013

And here we are today!  Hair all chopped off.  House feeling cleaner (except la cocina which has been ignored in my rearranging rage).  And ready to start the weekend!  Feliz Friday everyone!!