Sometimes finding resources for learning Spanish can seem futile.  I search the internet a lot, and sometimes my searches leave me feeling disappointed.  Have you ever been on a Google hunt that leads you down a trail to a website that really only consists of pop-ups and advertisements?  No?  Me either.

Okay, so obviously I have.  Often times websites claiming to teach Spanish really only want your money, or turn out to be empty of really good info and learning resources.  After about a year of looking into learning Spanish resources…here is a list of great places I have found on the internet that offer learning Spanish resources at all different levels.

Practicamos Español has an awesome Facebook page where they share all sorts of info-graphics, Spanish poetry, famous quotes, information about famous Spanish-speaking people, and every now-an-then they post a picture of written Spanish that has an error readers try to locate and fix.  If you are a big Facebooker, this place is perfect for offering fun little learning tidbits and exercises with the Spanish language.  They also have a neat website with entertaining practice exercises for students of Spanish.  For example, watching a video of Mr. Bean waking up late and putting a list of Spanish phrases in order of how he does them.

Free Spanish Lessons for Beginners will ask you to sign up for a “FREE Trial,” but no need to!  Just scroll down and choose from gobs of recent posts that give quick little bite-sized lessons.  For example this lesson that teaches you how to say “I love you too.”  The only drawback to this site is that no pronunciations guides exist (for the free version) and no audio.  However, if you already feel comfortable with pronouncing and reading Spanish, this is a great way to learn new words and phrases with approachable lessons.

After joining the Multicultural Kid Blogs group, I feel like I hit the jackpot.  I have to share a few of my new favorite blogs and websites from there. tops the list as one of my favorites.  Started by two Latina mothers, this site gathers every resource you could possibly need or think of into one place!  Spanglish Baby also has a blog with many awesome contributors–most of whom are raising their own kids to be bilingual and sharing their tips and advice. is a site I go to on a regular basis now, looking for lesson plan tips, free printables, and general ideas for teaching and/or raising bilingual children.  One of my favorite posts as of late from Spanish Playground is this fun “Itsy Bitsy Spider” printable.  What I love most about Spanish Playground, is all of the wonderful resources they recommend for learning Spanish on the world wide web.  Like I said earlier, I am not always the best at finding things on the internet, and now I do not have to–I can just check in with Spanish Playground and see what new resource they are sharing for the day!  Like this neat website Spanish Playground reviewed that tells stories, like Goldilocks and the Three Bears, with Pictographs.

Another place I have recently printed great stories and printables from is  Written by a Latina homeschooling mommy, the site has tons of practical and useful lesson plan ideas, printables, downloads, and resource recommendations.

Some other great blogs I follow that write about raising bilingual (Spanish-English) kiddos are:
Discovering the World through My Son’s Eyes
Toddling in the Fast Lane

I also follow for her great recipes, cultural anecdotes, and practice reading Spanish on her #SpanishFriday posts!

Where have you been in the world-wide-web lately?