Thursday, August 1, 2013

Making Your Home Bilingual IN THE BATHRROM // A hacer la casa bilingüe EN EL BAÑO

We are still on a bilingual labeling kick at our house.  And by we, I guess I mean, I.  I have really enjoyed looking for areas around our house that need to be labeled, and doing it in both languages--and for two reasons: 1) my kids and hubby will see the labels and learn new words, and 2) the Spanish labels give my brain a mental nudge to think in Spanish.

My latest labeling project was one morning before Judah and Soren woke up.  Breaking the labeling projects into smaller chunks has been quite easy and more productive.  Usually I think I have to make my projects big and grand (because that is how awesome ideas feel in my head: big and grand), but then nothing ends up getting done because a) those big and grand projects overwhelm me and I do not know where/how to begin, and b) there are two crazy boys running around leaving me no extra time.  This project however took a total of like ten minutes.

A while back, I bought these green containers at Target.  I love them because they have snap lids that are so easy to take on and off, and the containers stack really nicely on top of each other.  They are the perfect size for our bathroom shelves, leaving a little room at the top so I can open them and access the things without even having to un-stack them.

The containers have a perfect spot for attaching a label right on the end, so I looked around my house for some supplies and found these Avery Self-Adhesive Name Badges sitting around.  I found a template on-line and typed out what was in the containers, first in English then in Spanish.  You probably have different things in your bathroom to label, but here is a FREE printable with the labels I made.  It includes jewelry, make-up, hair stuff, nail polish.  I will be posting more bathroom labeling ideas in another post as well . . . so check back in a few days!

Here are the simple steps I followed for this bilingual labeling project:

#1 Print // 1° imprimir

#2 Peel // 2° despegar

#3 Put On Labels // 3° etiquetar

What kinds of things are labeled at your house?  Do you label in two languages?  To the Spanish-speakers: How would you label "hair stuff"?

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