Tuesday, August 6, 2013

NaBloPoMo: My Favorite Treat for the Heat

The boys meeting "Frida Kahlo" at the Nelson-Atkins
Here comes my late-night post for NaBloPoMo August, and the theme is HOT!  Today I had my first class of the fall semester, so in some ways it feels like summer is over.  Add to that the fact that our Missouri weather here has been below-average heat, it seems I only got a two-month summer.  Entonces, the NaBloPoMo theme is a perfect way to extend my summer when it feels like I am not having one.

Tonight I thought I would share my favorite treat in the heat.  Next to the fresh produce that I love so much in the summer, paletas come in as one of my favorite treats to enjoy during the warmer months.  I never really gave paletas a second thought until my sister-in-law studied at Flagler College in St. Augustine, Florida and started posting pictures everyday of ice pops in flavors I had never heard of!  She frequented The Hyppo while she lived there and brought back all that ice pop inspiration to share with us.  You know how when you are buying a car and decide on a certain kind thinking how original you are?  Then the next time rubber meets the road you see that same car (and color!) at every turn?  Well, it was like that for me after being introduced to the fine world of ice pop cuisine, except the only places I seemed to run into them were at Latino grocery stores and in Latino neighborhoods.  Living in the Midwest, ice pop stores are not as prolific since we only have three really warm months out of the year.

After attending Fiesta in the Park at the Nelson-Atkins Museum, we hit up one of our local paleterías for a treat.  Our boys had never been and they absolutely loved it.  We tried three flavors and passed them around like bottles on the wall.  And it is a good thing we ate outside.  And brought baby wipes.

Limón (Lime)

Coco (Coconut)

Fresa (Strawberry)

What is even more cool that those melting paletas is their ingredients!  It just so happened that our local public broadcasting station posted a video about Tropicana, the paletería we visited that night, on Twitter recently.  I watched it and found out that they use 100% natural ingredients...just fruit and sugar, and sometimes milk or cream depending on the recipe.  Just like you would find from street vendors in Mexico (or so I hear).  If you ever visit Kansas City, you need to try out this locally owned and operated chain of paleterías!  Check out the video below about the family who started Tropicana, or view it on YouTube here.  Besides the paleta (and being with mi familia of course!) is that we got to speak in Spanish with those around us!  Opportunities like that do not happen very often where we live, so it is always a treat when they do.    

As you can see by the large menu inside,
they sell more than paletas!  (And the menu
is all in Spanish!)


What is your favorite treat for the heat?!


  1. This looks like so much fun! Thanks for blogging about it! I can't wait to visit Tropicana!

  2. Excellent, another stop when I get to Kansas City! Those look amazing.

    1. They are yummy! My favorites are the milk-based ones...tastes more like ice cream. :)


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