Last Monday we took a trip to Powell Gardens, a nature center in our area.  Or maybe it is better to call it a flower conservatory?  Taking trips to places like these reminds me of my great-grandma Velda who knew the name to every flower (or at least as a child it felt like she knew them all).  Although I do not have a huge passion for botany, it does interest me quite a bit, and Powell Gardens is the perfect place for exploring nature and the wonderful world of flowers.

Right now they have a Lego exhibition.  The Lego sculptures are giant and placed throughout the park as if they are a part of the nature.  Nature Connects is the name of the exhibit, built by Sean Kenney and running through September 29.  We will do another post with all the fun pictures of the sculptures and words we learned with them–it was super fascinating.

A place like this presents so many learning opportunities, I decided to break the visit up into parts.  We did a bilingual scavenger hunt, learned so many new words in Spanish, explored flowers and colors, the list could continue forever.  In this post I wanted to show you some simple phrases that you can use to talk about flowers and their colors.  Recently I read a post at Spanish Playground titled “10 Key Components of a Preschool Spanish Lesson.”  All of the tips and ideas there are awesome, and the sixth tip is teaching sentences not words.  While vocabulary is necessary to learn, it is best acquired through natural language like sentences and stories and songs.  Kids can pick up on new words better if they are used in context.

That tip inspired me to write this little story of photos from our trip.  Below are easy phrases that I use with my kids and you can too–anywhere you see flowers!  Notice that the word flower in Spanish is la flor–a feminine word.  Since it is a feminine word, we use the feminine form of the color word. Feel free to print these pictures and staple or bind them together to make a little storybook that you can read with your children.  Here they are in printable form too!

The flower is orange.
Lah flohr ehs ah-nah-rahn-HAH-doh.

This one is purple.
EH-stah ehs mohr-AH-dah.

This one is yellow.
EH-stah ehs ah-mah-REE-yah.

This one is red.
EH-stah ehs ROH-hah.

I love the white one.
May ehn-KAHN-tah lah BLAHN-kah.

I like all the flowers.
May GOO-stahn TOH-dahs lahs FLOHR-ehs.

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