Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Our Rainy Day Trip to Powell Gardens: Part Two // Búsqueda del tesoro

So many learning opportunities present themselves in daily life.  Learning in nature is one of my favorites!  Children seem to come alive and become so focused when surrounded with wide expanses, natural settings, flowers, colors, and trees to climb.  A couple Mondays ago, my mother took us on a trip to Powell Gardens where they are currently hosting a Lego exhibit called Nature Connects.  Before going, I visited their website to check out some things we might see.  I ended up throwing together a little scavenger hunt page so the boys could have things to hunt for.  Of course I made it bilingual so we could learn the words in Spanish too!  Here it is in printable form in case you are making a visit to your local nature center and would like a fun activity to take along.    

The koi fish, fox and bison are all part of the Lego exhibit, and as you can see we could not find all of them.  After two-and-a-half hours of walking around, the boys were ready for naps!  Powell Gardens has so much to explore, we will definitely be going back for a visit.  I was surprised that we did not see any rabbits or squirrels running around, but it was rainy so they probably were staying somewhere dry.  Overall we had a great time finding the mariposa, the bisonte, the nenúfar, and the mariquita.  And as you will see in the pictures below, we discovered so much more!  Feel free to print out the pictures below for some fun Spanish flashcards.  Or print them from this FREE printable here.

Can you spot the abejorro in this picture?
¿Dónde está el abejorro aquí en esta foto?

Even the little birdy on her back is made of Legos.

This is a replica of the chapel on site at Powell Gardens.  I have had some
friends get married is a picturesque chapel with glass walls tucked away
in the trees.

Besides the Lego sculptures, Powell Gardens has some amazing
permanent sculptures as well, including this manzana.

We got to see a real-life mariposa as well!

Jefe is really into Daniel Tiger, thus he was SUPER excited
to see a trolley and have a chance to ride it.
What fun places have you visited lately?  Did you learn any new Spanish words?  Where is your favorite place to enjoy la naturaleza (nature)?  What can you build with Legos?

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