Thursday, August 22, 2013

Spanish Workshops

Spanish Workshops

$45/family per Workshop (Includes 1 Manupulative Set, 1 Handbook, 2 Entrances to Workshop)
Location: Cornerstone Church, Lee’s Summit
Time: 9am-11am

Want to start adding Spanish to your homeschool curriculum, but not sure where to start?  Does your family love hands-on learning?  Do you want to give your children a jump-start on learning a foreign language to make it easier when it’s required?  Try out one (or all) of our Spanish Workshops designed for homeschooling families with kids ages 4-12.

One of our missions at For the Love of Spanish is to show parents that they can teach their children a foreign language—even if they are monolingual!  At each Spanish Workshop you will receive a set of manipulatives, a handbook with lessons designed for that manipulative, and instruction on how to use it at home and integrate it into your current curriculum.

These manipulative sets and handbooks are designed to be adapted to many ages, and to be used from year to year.  Read below for Spanish Workshop dates and details.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Coming August 31--Learn Spanish
with Chico Mío!
August 31—Chico Mío
This Workshop teaches body awareness in Spanish.  Students will learn names of body parts in Spanish, and learn useful phrases, songs and games to reinforce the new vocabulary.  Handbook includes 20 lesson plans and over 100 vocabulary words.

September 7— Great Big Jar of Everything
This Workshop introduces the Spanish alphabet, colors, shapes, numbers and describing words through everyday objects, games, and hands-on exercises.  Handbook includes 20 lesson plans and over 100 vocabulary words.

September 21— Go Fish
This Workshop includes a fishing game that introduces basic Spanish commands, nouns, and verbs—over 100 new vocabulary words.  Handbook includes instructions for all three sets of vocabulary and different game variations.

October 5— Play-doh Fun
This Workshop comes with a set of Play-Doh mats and Play-Doh and companion handbook.  Learn how to teach the Spanish alphabet, names of animals in Spanish, Spanish counting, Spanish shapes and more.

TBD—Bottle-caps & Beads

This Workshops introduces letters and spelling in Spanish, patterning in Spanish, Spanish colors and how to tell time in Spanish.  Includes a fun set of bottle caps, beads and corresponding activity and vocab cards.  

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