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Definite & Indefinite Articles--Midterm Review for Beginning Spanish

Over the next few weeks I will be posting videos to help my Beginning Spanish students with reveiw for their upcoming midterm exam!  You can learn along with us or, in the comments below, suggest your own videos or ideas for review of the current grammar points.  Or just give them a shout-out below for studying hard!

Listening Practice for Definite & Indefinite Articles
Watch the following videos for practice and review of the definite and indefinite articles.  

1.  Probaditas de Español by Live The Language: Definite and Indefinite Articles

3.  Choose a video from Manuel, study the vocabulary and take the quiz.

For videos 1 & 2, answer one of the following questions in the comments below:

a.  What are the names of the mujeres in the video?
b.  When do they use the definite article?
c.  When do they use the indefinite article?
d.  What are the ladies going to compartir?
e.  How do we know the word for tree in Spanish is masculine?
f.  With what do our articles in Spanish have to agree?

*Note: Please do not answer a question that has already been answered.

For video 3 answer these questions in the comments below:

g.  Which video did you watch?
h.  What was the question?
i.  What did you notice about Manuel's accent?
j.  Where is he from?
k.  Which question on the quiz was hardest for you to answer?
l.  Which words did you have to look up?


  1. (This is Madison Greener)
    e. Because the articles used before it are masculine.
    g. I watched the video ¿Te preocupadas por el dinero?
    h. The title of the video was the question.
    i. The video I watched had a women speaking. Her accent gave me the impression that she was a native Hispanic, as her pronunciation was accurate and she didn't hesitate while speaking.
    j. I'm not sure.
    k. Question 2 gave me a bit of trouble.
    l. valorar, nunca, tuve, muchísimo, oído, intercambia, habilidades, merece

    1. Madison,
      e. Besides the article, how can we identify the word tree as masculine (the video explains how)?
      g. I would like you to watch a video by MANUEL.
      h. What does the question mean in English?
      i. What did you notice about MANUEL's accent? Does it remind you of what your book says in the current culture unit about accents?
      j. The website tells you where he is from.
      l. What do those words mean in English?

  2. This is Chris.
    F. The articles must always agree with number and gender.
    G. #011 ¿Cómo se celebra el día de los enamorados en Japón?, it was the first video by Manuel with a question.
    H. #011 ¿Cómo se celebra el día de los enamorados en Japón?
    I. When looking at the transcript while watching the video, it seemed like he dropped some of his consonants
    J. Puerto Rico
    K. I didn't entirely understand question 2.
    L. Darselo, Pienso, Japonesas, Diria

    1. Muy bien, Chris.
      F. You are right the articles must agree IN gender and number, but WITH what do they agree?
      H. What does this title mean in English?
      I. Good observation.
      K. Does Manueal like this tradition?
      L. What do those words mean in English?

  3. a. Deidre Kateri Aragon and Nathalie
    g. #10 Películas favoritas
    h. ¿Qué tipo de películas te gustan a ti? "What kind of movies do you like?"
    i. He usually didn't bother to pronounce some small sounds such as the s or other consonants.
    j. Puerto Rico
    k. Probably Question three since the end of the question itself was cut off by the limitation of the webpage.
    l. serian- would, relaciones- relations

    1. Joshua,
      Bien hecho.
      K. The questions is: Romantic films help with a) your friends b) your family members or c) your pair/couple (in otherwords your significant other)?

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  5. (This is Zach)

    Question Set 2:

    g. I watched video #12 "Ultima película que viste"
    h. ¿Cual fue la ultima pelicula que viste?
    i. He drops some consonants
    j. Puerto Rico
    k. I found the three questions to be fairly easy. The one that I would say gave me a hint of more trouble than the other two would be question #3

    l. marciales; entretener; bastante; reir; gustado; te; ultima; mixtas;

    Question Set #1:

    b. When you are talking about a specific thing. Eg. We are talking about THE apple. Not just "some" apple, or "a" apple, but THE APPLE.

    (oops. re-posting cause something went wrong.)

    1. Zach,
      Has hecho bien. Unas preguntas para ti son...
      H. What does that title translate to in English?
      L. What do those words mean in English?

    2. H. The title translates to "What was the last move that you saw?
      L. Marciales- Martial; Entretener - to entertain; Bastante- enough, sufficient; Reir- to laugh; Gustado - to like; Te- you; Ultima- last; Mixtas- mixture

  6. (This is Kyleigh)

    d. The women are going to buy apples, chocolates, bananas, mandarins and grapes.
    g. The video was Video #001: "Te gusta hacer compras solo o con los amigos?".
    h. The question for the video is listed above (in question g).
    I. It seemed as if he did not pronounce the letter "s" in a few words.
    j. Puerto Rico.
    k. Question 2 on the quiz gave me a little bit of trouble.
    l. I had to look up: diria, lugares, llamar, basicamente, mismos, acerca, espero and haya.

    1. Hi Kyleigh,
      Gracias por responder. :) Aquí tienes mis comentarios...
      H. What does this question mean in English?
      K. When you go (shopping) alone, you can always ask for help from....?
      L. What do those words mean in English?


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