Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Verbs & The Personal "a"--Midterm Review

Over the next few weeks I will be posting videos to help my Beginning Spanish students with reveiw for their upcoming midterm exam!  You can learn along with us or, in the comments below, suggest your own videos or ideas for review of the current grammar points.  Or just give them a shout-out below for studying hard!

Practice Conjugating Regular Verbs
Watch the following videos and follow the comment prompts below.

1.  Conjugating Verbs - Gangnam Style Parody (-AR, -ER, -IR)

Choose two of the following questions to answer in the comments below.  Remember to answer questions that have not already been answered below.

a.  What AR verb did the first video use as an example for conjugating AR verbs?
   In Video 2, what is the English translation of:
b. sentence 1?
c. sentence 3?
d. sentence 4?
e. sentence 7?
   In Video 2, what is the Spanish translation of:
f. sentence 9?
g. sentence 10?
h. sentence 11?
i. sentence 14?
j. sentence 16?
k. sentence 17?
l. sentence 15?
Practicing the Personal "a"

Watch the following video and answer one of the following questions about the Personal "a."  

3.  The Spanish Personal "A" ~ LA "A" Personal del Español

m. How do you say "I want to see the doctor"?
n.  Fill in the blank: "When a person or ________ immediately ________ a verb, it must be introduced by the word "a."
o.  How do you say "I want to see the movie"?
p.  How do you say "She wants to kick the ball"?
q.  How do you say "She wants to kick the cat"?
r.  Do we use the Personal "a" when we call (llamar) an office, school, or pharmacy?  Why or why not?


  1. Chris:
    A. Cantar: Canto, Cantas, Canta, Cantamos, Cantais, Cantan. (To Sing)
    B. El estudia. He studies.
    M. Quiero ver a la doctora.

    1. Chris,
      Muy bien hecho. Just don't forget the accent marks on Él and estáis!

  2. (This is zach)

    C. Trabajo en la tienda
    D. ¿Hace cocinar muy bien?
    O. Quiero ver la pelicula

    1. Zach,

      C and D refer to the first example sentences the teacher gives in the video.
      For the sentences you chose to translate the answer C is correct and D should be: ¿Cocina muy bien?
      O. Your answer is fine, but you are missing the accent on película.

  3. C: Yo canto mal. = I sing poorly.
    D: Ellos bailan bien. = They dance well.
    O: Quiero ver la película.


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