We have had fun this month exploring the color green.  Here is a quick, easy and inexpensive way to practice talking about the color green in Spanish.

Collect some newspaper ads.  Grab a pair of scissors and tape.  Hang a big sheet of paper or posterboard on your refrigerator.  With your child spend time looking through the ads for things of the color green.

Here are some great phrases you can use in Spanish:

¿Dónde está algo verde? (DOHN-day eh-STAH AHL-goh BEHR-day) = Where is something green?
Veo algo verde aquí. (BAY-oh AHL-goh BEHR-day ah-KEE) = I see something green right here.
¡Busquemos el color verde! (boo-SKAY-mohs AHL-goh BEHR-day) = Let’s look for the color green!
Lo pegamos aquí. (loh pay-GAH-mohs ah-KEE) = We will glue/tape it here.

¿Te gusta el color verde? (tay GOOS-tah ehl koh-LOHR BEHR-day) = Do you like the color green?
¿Cuál es tu color favorito? (kwahl ehs too koh-LOHR fah-bohr-EE-toh) = What is your favorite color?
¿Qué color es? (kay koh-LOHR ehs) = What color is it?

¿Es esto verde? (ehs EHS-toh BEHR-day) = Is this green?

El rubio and I did this activity the other day after breakfast.  What’s fun is that the green collage can stay there all month for us to add to.  We can see it from our kitchen table and continue to talk about it and the things we have glued to it.  Just like the phrases in the color green book we read at circle time, we can talk about the things on the poster.  For example we have a green fish glued up there and we can say: “El pez es verde.”  (The fish is green.)  Or while I am fixing dinner I can hand el rubio a green crayon and say: “Dibuja algo verde.”  (Draw something green.)