Tuesday, October 6, 2015

B de bruja {The Letter Bb in Spanish}

Next up! The letter B. Two letters in, I'm still finding words that can relate to the fall theme; today that's bruja and búho, or witch and owl.  At our house we'll be using some drawing tutorials to learn the new letter and words.  (For help with pronouncing Spanish letters go here.). Once you have drawn the pictures, you can write the phrase "Bb de bruja," or "Bb de búho."  Keep these pages and at the end of the alphabet, hopefully we will have one for each letter to make an alphabet book your kids can read!

For some vocab cards and matching word/picture games, consider this post from Spanish Playground.  The printable is free and includes other fun Halloween-themed words besides witch.

---> HOW TO DRAW AN OWL <---

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