Friday, May 25, 2018

June Spanish Book List for Kids

You might have heard me say this latelyreading aloud in Spanish and reading Spanish poetry have added so much LIFE to our Spanish learning! Don't get me wrong. I love all the activities and games and calendar and lessons we have done in the past. And we are still doing many of those things. However. Reading Spanish books and poetry has been such an easy and delightful way to add natural, authentic Spanish language to our life.

Spanish books and poetry take the pressure off of me (a bilingualish mom) to come up with real, authentic language. I speak Spanish, but I don't speak it as naturally and as effortlessly as I would like. Finding good books in Spanish isn't always easy. It has taken me a while to get the hang of finding them on Amazon and our local library's website. That made me think, why not start making a monthly booklist to share with you all?! Hopefully that will cut some work out for you, and motivate me to get more Spanish books into my own family's life!!

Keep Reading for:

  • A fun list of Spanish kids books for June 
  • Printable version of the list to assist you while searching for books at the library or online
  • Tips for reading Spanish aloud with your kids (to minimize complaining) 
  • YouTube videos of most of the books on the list (in case you're not ready to read in Spanish yet!)
  • Ideas for making reading fun this summer!