Thursday, June 28, 2018

July Spanish Booklist for Kids

What's summer without ice cream, popsicles, a trip to the beach or pool, a picnic, and of course a little mischief? Those are the things I had in mind when trying to pick out the perfect list of kids Spanish books for July! These books will provide lots of practice with fun summer words in Spanish.

Choosing Spanish books for kids along a theme helps reinforce vocabulary in multiple ways and contexts. We are going to use this summer Spanish book list at our house too! I try to get most of the books from the library, and maybe choose a few to buy to add to our home library.

It can be HARD to find good books in Spanish for kids.

If you really can't find these books below or other fun summer books in Spanish, what you can do is check out books your library has along the summer theme, and then just talk about the books in Spanish. You can translate them as you read (not for the faint of heart!) or point at things in the illustrations you know the Spanish word for and talk about them, or maybe even just use the illustrations for a game of Spanish "I Spy."

Needing more tips for reading aloud in Spanish with your kiddos? Check out some of my ideas here.

Ready for this month's list? Read below to see titles and descriptions of all our picks for Spanish kids books for July!