Hello!  They call me Kali.  I love my hubby, my kiddos, reading with my kiddos, learning Spanish, teaching Spanish, and blogging--and pretty much in that order.  My faith is what keeps me going; my family is what keeps me smiling; and having fun is how I like to do things.

Meet My Blog // Les presento mi blog
I created this blog in December of 2011 as a place to collect my thoughts, discoveries, and resources on all things Spanish.  At that time I was in my second year of teaching private Spanish lessons part-time and staying at home with my kids full-time.  My husband and I were living in my parents' basement (which is bigger than the place we currently live) so I could stay home with the kids while he worked full time and went back to school full time.  Needless to say, becoming new parents, going back to school and living with my parents all made for an eventful life--the perfect time to start blogging, right?  I love this blog because it is my little corner of the internet to meet and share with people around the world who love speaking and learning Spanish too.

Meet Me // Les presento yo
Majoring in Spanish and English in college, I had intentions of becoming an English or Spanish professor, secretly hoping I would really end up being an author of children's literature.  Even better: I got the best job as a Spanish interpreter at a local Early Childhood Center where I worked with the most amazing staff of people dedicated to educating and nurturing children and families.  Working there enabled me to meet so many amazing Spanish-speaking families.  I also learned so many invaluable lessons about education and early childhood development.  My first "real job" provided the perfect segue into my life today.

Meet My Family // Les presento mi familia
I love family.  I grew up the eldest of six children; my mother homeschooled us from my sixth- grade year (last year of elementary school where I live) and on, so we grew very close as siblings and as a family--she still schools my two youngest siblings today (they are in high school).  We also traveled a lot, my dad's job relocating us to three different states throughout my childhood, bringing us even closer together.  

One of the first "dates" I had with my now husband, we were with his two sisters, his mother and two of her sisters before going to see the play
Les miserable his youngest sister was in that night.  After the play both his German-Irish side and Italian side gathered at his house for his sister where I got to meet them all (overwhelming much?).   The next time we hung out was with my family at a birthday party for my aunt.  It goes without saying, that we have carried on that family-centeredness with our own little family.

Meet The Big Bro // Les presento el mayorcito
My hubby's oldest son, my step-son, is as they say a "chip off the old block"--his spitting image.  My hubby grew up loving Michael Jackson, king of pop.  The Big Bro loves pop music too.  He dances to it, he plays it on his piano, he plays it on his guitar.  He is also logical and brilliant like my hubby.  The Big Bro will probably grow up to be a part of NASA or some big engineering vanguard.  You can see his logic and brilliance expressed  when he works on his Lego creations, when he designs his Mine Craft worlds, or when he explains to you the Universe.  Like his mom, he has an amazing entrepreneurial mind--he can make money faster than anyone I know; his intuitive mind and business sense make him seem beyond his years.  And to round it all off he creates phenomenal art just like his momma.  I am so lucky to have him as part of my life, and my boys are lucky to have him as their big brother.
Big Bro's artwork
Isn't he great!?

Meet Mr. Boss // Les presento el jefe
Our first-born is, as they say, "a little too big for his britches."  Or is my great-grandma the only one that said that?  Around here he sometimes goes by the name of el jefe, which in Spanish means "boss."  He likes to have things just so, his way, in order, according to plan.  I think he gets that from me.  If you ask any of my siblings about me, the word bossy will come out of their mouths.  One of my favorite qualities of Mr. Boss is that he has a BIG HEART.  He senses and feels the happiness, sadness, pain, and excitement of everyone around him.  Mr. Boss is also a wild perfectionist and he makes it work.  While he hates to get messy when he eats, he simultaneously does not mind making my house a mess with any "project" (as he calls them) that he gets in his head--like the time he got out all my pots and pans and filled them with sugar so he could teach el rubio how to "cook."

Meet  Mr. Blondie // Les presento el rubio
Mr. Blondie, or el rubio, is small, but his personality is big.  That probably comes from having to keep up with el jefe.  He sure knows how to be heard!  He was very chatty and personable, even when he was just starting to put sentences together.  Some might describe him as a momma's boy, even though he's not the baby anymore.   His favorite words are "Mom, will you hold me?" He loves to give hugs and snuggles, which I hope he never outgrows.  One thing people always notice about him is that he has a happy countenance--it is the little things that make him happy, to delight him, to make him smile or giggle.

I am happy to share a little bit of my life here with you, and I hope you will share too!  Your comments, thoughts, ideas, and stories are always welcome here!  So find a way to get connected, and let me know how I can connect to you!  The best way to learn is from each other.  

Take care!  //  ¡Cuídate!


  1. Hola! I came across your site as I was seaching for some Spanish activities. I live in Dallas, TX now but went to high school in Lees summit! Que coincidente! anyway, I'm a former HS Spanish teacher now a SAHM and my friend wants me to give her homeschool daughter Spanish lessons, so I'm getting back in the game a bit. Looks like you've got some neat ideas. Ciao!

  2. Bienvenida! Glad you found us, and hope you stop back in every now-and-then to share ideas yourself! I am always looking for new ideas and encouragement in teaching Spanish. :) Keep in touch!

  3. Hi Kali,
    I just found your blog through a link on 1plus1. It sounds like we have similar goals - raising our kids bilingually! Last summer I started a website/blog for spanish-english bilingual parents with preschool learning activities, wholly in Spanish. www.bilingualpreschooler.com
    Life hasn't allowed me to add to it as much as I'd like (or anticipated) but every once in awhile I am able to post. Just wanted to share another bilingual resource, since I know those are hard to find! I'm glad I found yours!

    1. Sasha, It's so great to meet more families with bilingual goals! So glad to hear about your site and look forward to reading more posts from you. :)

  4. I just came across your blog and had to laugh at all the things we have in common! I just started a blog from my parents' basement (spanishmama.com) and teach Spanish as well. I will add you to my blog list and look forward to reading more!

    1. Elisabeth, I too cannot believe how much we have in common! I even taught English in Peru like you did, although I was in Cusco. :) So happy you stopped by and that I have another blog to follow with great ideas for raising my kiddos bilingually!


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