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June Spanish Booklist for Kids

Spanish books and poetry take the pressure off of me (a bilingualish mom) to come up with real, authentic language. I speak Spanish, but I don't speak it as naturally and as effortlessly as I would like. Finding good books in Spanish isn't always easy. It has taken me a while to get the hang of finding them on Amazon and our local library's website. That made me think, why not start making a monthly booklist to share with you all?! Hopefully that will cut some work out for you, and motivate me to get more Spanish books into my own family's life!! READ MORE -->

Spanish Picture Books of 2018 You Don't Want to Miss

I haven't discovered a trick for finding awesome stuff on Amazon on my own.  Many times I'll see a title suggested by someone else, but when I go to look for it online I can't find it.  Finding great Spanish kid lit is something I'm working on in 2018, and I have slowly started to build our Spanish library since January.  It hasn't been very easy.
Before I get ahead of myself, let me share some titles I ran across recently that I don't want you to miss out on. Then I'll let you know of a few places you might want to start watching/following to keep up with where to find great Spanish books! READ MORE -->

A Great Big List of Christmas Books

Whew!  It was really fun collecting this list of Spanish-themed Christmas books.  I hope it's helpful to have them all gathered here in one spot.  One of my favorite things to give as a gift is books--any time of the year.  You know what they say, "A book is a gift that can be opened again and again."  If you gift any of these books below it's a double-win: some books listed reinforce Spanish learning, and others introduce cultural themes to learn about and celebrate.  Do you have any books you would add to this list? READ MORE -->

Learn Spanish with Yoga // A KIDS YOGA STORIES Review
Why I Can't Do Yoga 
Near the end of last year I started thinking about adding yoga to my life, so for Christmas mi marido surprised me with a yoga mat.  It came with a block and a strap and an intro DVD too.  I have struggled to figure out a way to work it into my routine.  And the one or two times I did get out the DVD to try, this happened: READ MORE -->

Black & Blanco: Spanish and Art for Kids

I love art and I love learning Spanish. Put them together and just try to keep me from doing a happy dance. Art is hands-on.  Art is visual.  Art is a great way for kids to learn and express themselves.  That is why I love using art to teach my kids Spanish! READ MORE -->

E de esqueleto // Skeleton Crafts

We have had a lot of fun around here lately doing alphabet activities and crafts alongside all the great bloggers participating in "31 Days of ABCs."  Many of the activities we have chosen to do relate to fall or el Día de los muertos.  For the letter E (la letra E, pronounce "ay/eh") we talked about esqueletos.  The song "Los esqueletos" from Babelzone on YouTube inspired us.  Even if you cannot understand all of the Spanish words, it has such a catchy tune you will find yourself singing along! READ MORE -->

"Fire, Fire!" said Mrs. McGuire--Bill Martin Jr. 

This month we are participating in the Virtual Book Club for Kids, and the featured author is Bill Martin Jr.  Until this month, I only knew of one book by this author: Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.  I remember my teacher reading me that story in first grade.  I fell in love with it then and still love it just as much today.  Discovering all the other Bill Martin Jr. books this month has been just as fun!  Bill Martin Jr. writes his books with rythm as the driving force . . . if you have ever read Chicka Chicka Boom Boom or Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?, you know what I mean. READ MORE -->

Learn Spanish through Literature // The Napping House

Every time we read a good book, I try to think of fun activities to extend what we have read--even if that means we just pretend play or reenact the story together.  One of my favorite children's authors is Audrey Wood.  Her book The Napping House tops the list of my favorites of her's, so I was happy to find the Spanish version at our library, La casa adormecida.  It is a fun and playful story about a house full of sleeping people and animals that are asleep all in one big pile on one big bed . . . until a little flea comes along!  The illustrations by Don Wood are delightful and add humor to the already hilarious tale. READ MORE -->

Learn Spanish through Literature // La mariquita Lara

Have you been keeping up with our Learn Spanish through Ladybugseries?  So far here is what we have learned!

1. Make a Ladybug (Spanish Counting & the Color Red)
2. Learn Spanish Prepositions with Ladybug
3. The Ladybugs and Their Spots (Spanish Counting, FREE Printable)
4. The Ladybugs and Their Colors (Spanish Colors, FREE Printable)
5. Help the Ladybugs (Spanish Colors, Counting & Nouns)
6. Today's Post: La mariquita Lara // Lara the Ladybug

Learn Spanish through Literature: Puss in Boots // El gato con botas

We are on a mission at our house to check out and read through all of the bilingual books from our local library's catalog.  They recently updated the program for searching through the catalog online, and now we can search through bilingual books only!  One great series we found recently is a bilingual series of classic tales from Chronicle Books.  Each of the books in this series has English text on one side, and Spanish text on another.  Sometimes when reading a bilingual book, I feel uncomfortable with the Spanish translation.  I am not an expert, but often times it seems like the Spanish text is incorrect or sounds unnatural to how a story would actually read in Spanish.  But this series is different.  The Spanish text is superb. READ MORE -->

Learning Spanish through Literature // No hay tiempo para monstruos (FREE Printable)

We found another fun bilingual book at our library!  Ever since we went to see Monsters University at the movie theater, we have had fun looking for books about monsters at our local library.  Have you noticed we like books!?  When I stumbled upon this one in my online library search, I knew I had to get it.  No Time for Monsters / No Hay Tiempo Para Monstruos is published by a division of Arte Público Press, Piñata Books, which holds the mission of publishing bilingual (Spanish/English) books that highlight U.S. Hispanic culture.  We have checked out a few Piñata Books before, and they usually have too many words for my kiddos, aimed at higher reading and age levels.  But No Hay Tiempo Para Monstruos turned out to be just right. READ MORE -->

Learn Spanish through Literature // The Little Mouse, The Red Ripe Strawberry, and THE BIG HUNGRY BEAR

5 Learning-Spanish games at home with the book The Little Mouse, The Red Ripe Strawberry, and THE BIG HUNGRY BEAR!

I have not quite found a good system for finding library books in Spanish at our local library.  Sometimes I go online and try to narrow the search to Spanish books (it did not list only books in Spanish like I had hoped); sometimes I just walk between the aisles shifting my eyes right, then left, looking for the little bilingual sticker on the book's spine.  Obviously I need a better system.  Wouldn't that be awesome if we had a library that was all in Spanish!?  Or a bookstore?!  Until then, I will be satisfied with the little bilingual (Spanish/English) or Spanish book finds that happen to me haphazardly.  READ MORE -->

Children's Books to Get You Started

The best way we learn as children--through literature--is also one of the best ways to start learning a new language!  I love children's literature, and reading it in Spanish is just as fun, especially because I get to practive my Spanish that way.  Here is a list of four books I have enjoyed and learned from...

Marisol McDonald Doesn't Match / Marisol McDonald no combina
I found this book recently at our local library.  This story goes beyond learning things like numbers or colors in Spanish, and tells a fun, rythmic story about Marisol, a very original, to-the-beat-of-her-own-drum kind of girl.  Each page has the story written in English and Spanish....bilingual books are great to help you understand the story when reading it in Spanish; however, remember that Spanish and English do not always use the same expressions and translation are not written word for word.  So if you are curious to know a certain Spanish word you see on the page, look it up in a Spanish-English dictionary like www.wordreference.com.

Los tamales de Ana

My kiddos and I rarely get to the library between naptimes and eating times, but last week we made it and I am so excited to share what we found!  Taking a two-year-old and a ten-month-old to the library has to be short and sweet, so often times I find myself pushing the stroller through the aisles at a trotting speed, to keep up with my two-year-old, quickly grabbing books off the shelves that catch my eye.  Usually that means we are in for a surprise when we get home, because who knows what Mommy snagged! 

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