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  1. This site is great! Thank you! My son started kinder this year at a dual-immersion Spanish/English school and I'm always searching for resources. I'm excited to try the 1,2,3...Andres album. Have you heard of Basho and Friends? Basho and Friends has a YouTube channel with a new 2-4 minute Spanish music video each week, as well as a couple albums out in Spanish. He is currently my kids' favorite music artist. Anyhow, thank you for the great site!

    1. Oh awesome! I would love for my kids to be able to attend a dual-immersion program. I'm glad you found some of the info on my site helpful. :) I have heard of Basho and Friends, my boys love those videos too because they are so catchy. I should probably write a post about them for my readers! Would love to hear more about your kinder's experience at a bilingual school!


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