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A de araña 

For the last two Octobers we have done letter-focused learning along with many others around the internet as part of 31 Days of ABCs, hosted by All Done Monkey, and this year it's on a hiatus.**

In its place, I thought we could have fun learning the Spanish letters with a fall theme.  Currently we are practicing the Spanish alphabet as a whole in the Learn Spanish with Kids series, and focusing on one letter a day will help reinforce that learning.  I do not know if I will be able to think of something fall-ish for each letter, but I am going to try!  Up first is A de araña (ah day ah-RAHN-yah), that's how they say "S is for spider" in Spanish.  READ MORE -->

31 Days of ABC // A de araña

It is October, which means 31 Days of ABC is in full swing over at All Done Monkey.

Letter-focused lessons tops the list as one of my favorite ways to teach Spanish to my kiddos!  Participating in the 31 Days of ABC makes for a great way to get letter-learning ideas from parents and educators living around the globe.  Be sure to check out the 31 Days of ABC home page over at All Done Monkey (link above).  Then look up the words in Spanish, and use the activities to learn the Spanish letters as well!  READ MORE -->

Arco Iris Activities & Free Printable

It wouldn't be spring without a few rainbow activites, right?  There are so many great rainbow activities out there to try with your kiddos or students, and of course they provide great opportunities for learning colors in Spanish.  Arco iris (AHR-koh EE-rees) is the word for rainbow in Spanish.  You can check out some of my favorite rainbow activities on my rainbow pinterest board, and see below for the rainbow activities we have been doing as of late.  Don't forget to print out the free printable at the end!  READ MORE -->

The Letter A // La letra A

This September we joined a preschool coop.  Each week we focus on a letter of the alphabet and do activities centered around that letter.  So of course, we are working on learning our letters in Spanish as well.  I am not an educator.  I do not know all the theories and research behind bilingualism and learning the alphabet.  Sometimes I wonder: Should we keep the Spanish alphabet seperate from the English one?  Should I teach them at seperate times?  Do my kids need to know their English alphabet (their first language) before I introduce them to the Spanish alphabet?  Will it confuse them to learn both simultaneously?  READ MORE -->

B de bruja 

Next up! The letter B. Two letters in, I'm still finding words that can relate to the fall theme; today that's bruja and búho, or witch and owl.  At our house we'll be using some drawing tutorials to learn the new letter and words.  (For help with pronouncing Spanish letters go here.). Once you have drawn the pictures, you can write the phrase "Bb de bruja," or "Bb de búho."  Keep these pages and at the end of the alphabet, hopefully we will have one for each letter to make an alphabet book your kids can read!

For some vocab cards and matching word/picture games, consider this post from Spanish Playground.  READ MORE -->

31 Days of ABCs--Letter C

We are so excited to be taking part in the 31 Days of ABCs this October!  If you have not already, be sure to check out all the previous posts in the series.  Each post is hosted by a different blogger and has a link-up at the bottom where anyone can post ideas for that letter . . . a great way to gather resources for learning letters this fall!  Be sure to link up your own ideas below!                 READ MORE -->

E de esqueleto // Skeleton Crafts

We have had a lot of fun around here lately doing alphabet activities and crafts alongside all the great bloggers participating in "31 Days of ABCs."  Many of the activities we have chosen to do relate to fall or el Día de los muertos.  For the letter E (la letra E, pronounce "ay/eh") we talked about esqueletos.  The song "Los esqueletos" from Babelzone on YouTube inspired us.  Even if you cannot understand all of the Spanish words, it has such a catchy tune you will find yourself singing along!  READ MORE -->

O de oso {Learning the Spanish Alphabet}

Whenever fall rolls around, I always get in the mood to plan alphabet learning activities for my kiddos.  One year Cheerios (or maybe General Mills?) did this thing where the surprise toy in their boxes of cereal where actually books.  And better yet, they were bilingual books!  We love books around here, and I especially love any Spanish books I can get my hands on. 

During the fall time that year the lovely book "Bear Says Thanks," by Karma Wilson, happened to be the book we found in our Cheerios box. READ MORE -->

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