Learn Spanish With Play

Learn Spanish Through Play: Sorting Toy Animals

I am always looking for ways to teach my kids Spanish using items we already have on hand.  This sorting activity that we did below is SUPER simple and free!  All you need are some bins for sorting, tape, paper, and a Sharpie for labeling.

One day as we were putting our Beanie Baby toys away for the hundredth time it dawned on me that the animals could be sorted by habitats.  Then of course I started thinking about how to turn that idea into a Spanish lesson.  You can use any group of toys for a sorting activity like the one below, and use it to learn Spanish!  Group your toys by shapes, colors, size, beginning letter sounds, whatever subject you are currently teaching your kids or students. READ MORE -->

Learn Spanish through Play: AT THE PARK // Shapes! w/ FREE PRINTABLE

Learning through play is the way to go; engaging all the senses makes learning "stick."  And if your children are anything like my boys, we accomplish more learning when they do not know it is happening.  That might be because they are boys, or it might be their age--who knows?  We have been visiting parks all around our area lately and I have been trying to sneak in some learning where I can.  Every time I see a shape I point it out, like "Wow!  Look!  There is a cuadro!"  or "Do you see that giant círculo?"  I thought it was not really working, until one day at the park my oldest pointed it out to me!  READ MORE -->

Learn Spanish through Play: AT THE PARK // Actions (Verbs)

In this post we learn about Spanish action words (verbs) that we use at the park.

What's playing at the park without lots of action!?  And what is language without verbs?  Just think how that last sentence would sound if we did not have verbs: And what language without verbs?
I am Kali would become I Kali.
We ran around the park would become We around park.
I like to swing would become I like.

You get the idea.  Verbs compose a major part of what we like to express through language on a daily basis.  In Spanish, verbs can seem a little tricky--compared to English verbs they seem more complex and complicated. READ MORE -->

Learn Spanish through Play: AT THE PARK // Things (Nouns)

In this post we are learning about Spanish words and phrases you can learn and use at the park!
Okay.  Two things I love about blogging (I love more than that, but two things I cannot help but mention right now)!

ONE:  I love that blogging motivates me to be a more intentional mother/educator.  It helps me organize my thoughts and ideas, making them more successful and productive. READ MORE -->

Learning through Play: CARS // Shapes

Ready?  Start your engines...here is another fun activity to learn Spanish with CARS!  Today’s post is about shapes—formas (FORE-mahs).  After we sorted our cars by color and compared their differences and similarities, we took them in the kitchen where the floor is best for racing and driving.  I snagged some tape from on top of the fridge and made some roads in the shape of a circle and square.  Below is a fun vocab chart centered around this activity. READ MORE -->

Quick & Easy Spanish (Pre-K) // Learn Spanish through Play: Cars

The benefits of learning a foreign language are endless!  From social skills, to fighting dementia, to increasing brain activity and scoring higher on ACTs--bilingual is best.

You may have taken Spanish in high school and forgotten it all; you may know a little Spanish from Dora or Sesame street; you may speak a little Spanish from your restaurant days.  That is awesome!  Keep going!  Below is a quick and easy Spanish lesson that you can slip right into your playtime at home with your kidlets, with your students in your preschool class, or even to teach yourself.  Thinking like a kid is the best way to learn Spanish and it is spelled F-U-N. READ MORE -->

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