The Jr. High and High School classes went on a field trip today to a local Mexican restaurant.  The Jr. High class has been practicing their Food & Restaurant vocabulary and today they put it to the test!  If you’re ever at a Mexican restaurant and your server speaks Spanish, try out some of these phrases!

Me gustaría . . . (I would like . . .) 
Quisiera . . . (I would like . . .)
agua (water)
coca (Coke)
té (tea)
café (coffee)
Gracias. (Thank you.)
Por favor. (Please.)
De nada. (You’re welcome.)
Con mucho gusto. (You’re welcome.)
Necesito . . . (I need . . .)
paja (straw)
bebida (drink)
cubiertos (silverware)
tenedor (fork)
cuchillo (knife)
cuchara (spoon)
propina (tip)
la cuenta (the bill)
La cuenta, por favor. (Check, please.)