Spanish camp is finally here!!!  Here is a look back at all of the reasons Spanish Camp is going to be awesome, plus one more.
#1–Language Learning is Fun and Good For You
#2–Making Friends
#3–Cultural Competency
#4–Learning Awesome Songs
#5–Bilingualism Linked to Brain Health
#6–You Get to Meet My Friend Pin-Pon!!
#7–You Can Use Spanish As A Secret Language
#8–You Can Help Others
#9–You Can Impress Your Relatives

and finally, Reason #10. . .
Job Security
One thing my Spanish camp attendees are probably not concerned with is getting a job.  For one, it is summer, and for two, they are too young!  But how awesome is it that their parents are helping them invest in their future by giving them the opportunity to learn a second language.  Knowing a second language–especially Spanish for this country–will give job seekers an advantage in the job market.  In a globalizing economy and world, speaking more than one language makes you a great resource for companies–you will be able to interact with a broader scope of businesses, you will be able to travel for your job if necessary, you will be the international representative for your company.  Right now, you kiddos just have fun being a kid, and have fun learning Spanish.  And parents, kudos to you for recognizing the huge opportunity you can offer your kiddos for the future by encouraging them to learn a new language!!  Here’s to Spanish Camp 2012!