You Can Use Spanish As A Secret Language

Everyone has a different reasons for wanting to learn a foreign language.  Some people learn Spanish so they can use it at work–like nurses, doctors and teachers.  Some people learn Spanish so that they can speak the language of the Spanish-speaking countries they travel to.  Some people learn Spanish so they can teach their children.  Others have friends that speak the language, and so they want to learn it too.  As a teach of Spanish I have heard many different reasons why people take my classes.  One of my favorite reasons I have heard so far was from a young student who said she and her sister wanted to learn Spanish so that they could have a secret language they could speak at home that their parents did not know.

If you were to learn Spanish what would you use it for?  Where would you use it, or with whom?  If you already speak Spanish where do you get to practice using it on a regular basis?  Do you have a story to share about a time that you got to use your Spanish-speaking skills to help someone?  Please share! And don’t forget to sign up for Spanish Camp coming July 30-August 3!!