The weather could not have been more perfect last weekend for enjoying the Ethnic Enrichment Festival.  If you missed out this year, here are some pictures from our visit to enjoy until you get the chance to go yourself!  You can also read here about our trip to the festival a few years ago.

Flags from all the countries represented at the
Ethnic Enrichment Festival greeted
everyone that gathered at the entrance.

Can you guess which Spanish-speaking
counry this flag is from?

How about this one?

Can you find any Spanish-speaking
countries represented here?

After seeing all the flags, we got our Passport and
set out to “travel” to all the countries (booths).
We were greeted by a Leprechaun in “Ireland!”

Then we were “kinged” in “Scotland.”

They had a fun place for kids to play
called “Children’s World.”

We got to do fun stuff there like paint on our faces!

And make bracelets.

In “Israel” we had our names “engraved”
 on some rocks from the Holy Land.

What did you do at the Ethnic Enrichment Festival?