My usual pastry of choice (scone) and a
chocolate napolitana (my pastry of choice while
in Spain!)

My husband likes to surprise me with pastries every now-and-then for me to have with my morning cup of joe.  Yesterday he unknowingly bought me a piece of nostalgia to eat–a napolitana.  (His timing could not have been more perfect, as yesterday morning I had just resurrected my old blog from my semester in Spain.)  You see, when I lived abroad in Madrid and walked to classes each morning, I always passed by a panadería run by a friendly Guatemalan woman.  If you know me, you know I cannot resist any item from the genus of pastries; therefore, one important stop in my mornings abroad–somewhere after getting dressed and before buying a café con leche in the IES student cafe–was buying a napolitana from my local panadería.  As much as I missed home while studying in Madrid, I would not mind transporting myself there again just to take another stroll through my Moncloa neighborhood. 

Check back in a few days from now to read another entry from six years ago.  And while you wait, go buy an espresso maker (if you do not own one already), grab a chocolate napolitana from Panera (unless you know of a better place to find one), follow the café con leche instructions from the link above, and sample a small taste of Spain with me.