I believe that teaching your children a foreign language offers them a fun and engaging experience that they will appreciate throughout their entire life, while also developing certain skill sets and brain functions that only foreign language learning can.  I also firmly believe that children and parents can—and should—learn foreign languages together!  Think about how learning something new with your child demonstrates to them that you value learning, that you are not afraid to try (and fail) at something new, and that you enjoy spending time with them and investing in their education.  Recently Eileen Mc Aree, author of 52 Weeks of Family Spanish, wrote an article “Tips for Teaching Your Child a Foreign Language” on one of my favorite blogs, I Can Teach My Child, go check it out! 

In January, we are starting a Mommy &Me (daytime) and Toda la familia(evening) class centered around the awesome book 52 Weeks of Family Spanish.  It will be a great time of learning, fun, and trying something new as a family!  If you would like to join in the fun, email learntospeakspanish@yahoo.com to register!