Yes!  You can teach your child Spanish!  Even if you do not speak Spanish yourself.  Kids soak up language like you would not believe.  Just think about how children go from being unable to lift their head, to being able to have a conversation with you, make observations about the world around them in sentences, and ask questions that even we as parents cannot answer sometimes! 

The best way to learn a second language is through fun and play.  As human beings we desire spend time together and a large part of that involves conversation, so beginning your Spanish learning journey with things you say to your children every day is a perfect place to start.
What is something you say to your child every day?  I love you!  Learn this simple phrase in Spanish, and perhaps the words “kiss” and “hug” too.  Knowing these will provide you with ample opportunities for practicing Spanish each day.

Te quiero = I love you.  
(Te = to you/for you, quiero = I want, so I want for you, but better translated as, I love you!)
tay-key-AIR-oh   OR  teh-key-AIR-oh
un beso = a kiss
une BAY-soh  OR  une BAY-sew

un abrazo = a hug
une ah-BRA-soh  OR  une ah-BRA-sew

So the next time you want a hug from your kiddo, stretch out your arms and say, “Un abrazo!”  Or point to your cheek and say, “un beso!”  You can even try this with your spouse or other loved ones that are learning Spanish with you!  When you tuck those cuties into bed, lean in close and whisper, “Te quiero!”  To us as adults, this might seem difficult, but to your children it will feel fun and exciting to learn and use words in a different language.  Kids love language so give them this chance to explore with a new one in a fun and loving way. 

Check out my oldest son, Mr. Big Stuff, giving these new words a whirl in the video below.  If you have problems viewing it blow, click here.

¡Que les vaya bien!  (May it go well for you!)