It’s Insta-Friday!  I love taking a look back at our semana (week) in pictures.  Life is not perfect, in fact, sometimes it seems too hard.  When we snap these little frames on Instagram though, it is like we are saying, “Look, here is something good I found in my day.”  What good did you find in your week?
viernes (bee-EHR-nays)
Word of the Day // Palabra del día: la pajilla = the straw
el popote (Mex.) = the straw 

Isn’t it funny how adding a cute little straw can make your agua (water) taste so much better?

sábado (SAH-bah-doh)

Word of the Day // Palabra del día: la avena = the oatmeal 

My boys love oatmeal for breakfast.  I love it because, for how quick and easy it is, I feel like I’m giving them something healthy . . . they even like it with just honey and no sugar.

domingo (doh-MEEN-goh)
Word of the Day // Palabra del día: el rompecabezas = the puzzle 
lunes (LOO-nays)

 Monday I had another prenatal check-up.  I always get excited to hear that little latido (heartbeat).  This pregnancy seems to be going so fast!  As you can see below, I am already far enough to do the glucose test.  Which means I have to get my blood drawn–which I dislike very much.

martes (MAHR-tays)

Word of the Day // Palabra del día: el monstruo = the monster 

 We have had fun this week working on monster crafts!  Jefe has been begging me to paint lately (ever since we bought paint for our baby’s gender announcement) and I finally gave in after I found this fun monster craft on Pinterest.  Monsters have been on our radar since we went to see Monsters University at the movie theater.

This week has been full of bilingual fun.  On martes we got out this fun matching game a friend handed down to us.  It is called Leap Frog Memory Mate Game.  I think I will do a post on this game later about all the fun ways you can use it to learn Spanish.

miércoles (mee-EHR-koh-lays)

Word of the Day // Palabra del día: la paleta = the popsicle 

I have not eaten near enough of these this summer.  I love paletas de coco (coconut popsicles), but I only know of two places in my city to get them . . . and neither of those places is somewhere I frequent often.  Fortunately, we ate at a restaurant right next door to our local tiendita mexicana (Mexican grocery store).

jueves (hoo-AY-bays)

Word of the Day // Palabra del día: la colada = the laundry

As you can see, the laundry has overwhelmed me this week.  For some reason we have had lots of spills and accidents.  Oh well.  I’m sure I will find the couch again at some point this weekend.

So what were the highlights of your semana?  Enjoy your weekend and we’ll see each other again next time.  Thanks for stopping by and Feliz Friday!

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