Does it feel like back to school time where you live?  Here the weather has been perfectly fallish, so hearing the school bus wheels squeak to a stop each morning seems about right; however, I feel like the summer FLEW by!  I know we probably say this every year, but seriously, my summer came and went in the blink of an eye.  Our family is still young enough that we do not have things like back-to-school shopping lists, or meet-the-teacher nights, but we are working on getting a little learning schedule in order and we stocked up on a few essential school supply items to get us through the year.  As I was putting all of our new school supplies away and trying to get them organized, I snapped a few pictures of them to make flashcards.  Feel free to save these images to your personal computer to print off for personal and/or classroom use.  You can use them for labeling or fun visuals for learning some new school supply words in Spanish.  I also made a printable form too that you can download for FREE here.  I put the pronunciations and English words in the captions below.  Write those on the backs of the cards you print out for reminders on how to say the words and what they mean.  Enjoy your back to school days!  By the way, does anyone else love shopping for school and office supplies as much as I do?!  What is your favorite part of back-to-school?

ehl boh-LEE-grah-foh
the (ballpoint) pen

lah cahl-kooh-lah-DOH-rah
the calculator

lahs cahr-PAY-tahs
the folders

lahs SEHR-ahs
the crayons

lah SEEN-tah ahd-ay-SEE-vah
the tape

lohs cleeps
the paperclips

lohs kwah-DEHR-nohs
the notebooks

lah grah-pah-DOH-rah
the stapler

lohs LAH-pee-sehs day koh-LOHR
the colored pencils

lah mahn-SAHN-ah
the apple

lohs mahr-kah-DOH-rahs
the markers

ehl pay-gah-MEHN-toh
the glue

lohs PEEN-sehl-ehs
the paintbrushes

lahs peen-TOOH-rahs
the paints

lohs pohr-tah-MEEN-ahs
the mechanical pencils

lahs tee-HEHR-ahs
the scissors

lohs LAH-pee-sehs
the pencils