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Insta-Friday // 30 de agosto


Today is viernes.  That means we are linking up to Insta-Friday over at!  I love this part of the week where I look back and see all the fun we had together as a family and what kinds of fun Spanish stuff we did.  So our week looks pretty boring through the eyes of Instagram…but it was an exciting one filled with so much! 
To kick of the fin de semana the boys decided to “mix ingredients.”  I just couldn’t find it in myself to stifle their curiosity and imagination.  Probably why my house is a mess desastre.  It’s two against one most days around here…and the little munchkins always win.  

It was actually fun to watch them work together and get along for a bit.  Thank you harina.

Batman and his foe, Poison Ivy!
Okay, can I just say I LOVE having boys!?  We went to the library this week (pretty soon they’re not going to let us in as I have over 100 books out and some are overdue, racking up fines as we speak!) and Jefe found a Batman book in the JE (Juvenile Easy) section.  I have never been a fan of comics myself, especially because I don’t like villains.  However, to see Jefe excited about reading and imagining makes it worth it.

If you couldn’t tell, the villain in the current story is Poison Ivy (not Peter Pan, haha!).  She gets mad at Gotham City for putting up another mall and tearing down trees, so she turns all of the citizens into trees themselves. I know, Gasp!  Batman of course saves the day by turning everyone back into humans and donating a large sum of money to make the park where they had planned on putting the mall, a forest reserve.  

I swear my laundry couch was cleared off at some point this week and all I had to do was mate calcetines.  Having photographic proof makes me feel un poco better.  But then I look at the couch, covered in la colada again and I just wanna cry.

Last Monday was an exciting day: Little Guy turned two!!  And like I already said, every single one of the 1,048,320 minutos with this Little Guy has been an absolute blast!!

Yesterday I got a little girl time with mi madre, mi hermana, mi tía, y mi abuela.  They all got pedicures and I got a manicure.  I asked the gentleman doing my nails how to say, “So cute!” in Vietnamese and it sounded something like “dep-wah.”  I really want to learn a new language and I was thinking Vietnamese would be a fun one.  I wonder where I could get lessons?

It’s starting to feel like school time again.  One of my Spanish classes has been in session for a few weeks now, in fact we are already learning about AR verbs!  Here are some of my students playing a game of memory to learn some vocabulary about la ciudad.  

So a lot happened this week, just not much on Instagram!  🙂  Are you on Instagram?  I’d love to follow you!  Just leave your Instagram name in the comments.  And you can follow me at fortheloveofspanish.  Feliz Friday a todos!

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Kali Carollo

Kali Carollo