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It is Insta-Friday!  You know what that means . . . here are some little cuadros giving little peeks into our week.
My boys made me a necklace last viernes.  They know just how to cheer me up.  Actually, it seems they have an eye for design as well.  Or maybe I am biased.
Lately my Little Guy has turned into a mono.  Seriously!  He climbs everywhere.  In this photo he had to call for help.  “Mom! I duck (stuck)!”

I have been trying to work on some Spanish curriculum and workshops lately . . . 

but this is usually what ends up happening.  My Litte Guy’s favorite place is encima de mi cabeza.  I am not even joking.

Had another cita with the doctor this past week.  As you can see it was time for the glucose screening.

Popotes make everything taste better.

If they eat this much now, what is it going to be like when they become teenagers!?  And we have another hijo on the way!

You might have seen we have been working with ladybugs lately.  Here mi hermano is helping me with a cute ladybug craft/game.  That post is coming up on the blog soon!

Comida highlight of the week?  Gofres!!  My momma let me try out her waffle maker for a while.

We tried this yummy Cinnamon Zucchini Waffle recipe from Life As Mom.  She has the best recipes over there…for freezing, bulk cooking, good, cheap eats.  You should check it out.
What have you been up to this week?  I would love to hear about it, just comment below!  This post is linked up to

Learn Spanish with Ladybugs // Prepositions

Learn Spanish with Ladybugs // Prepositions

My boys love reading and they humor me by enjoying crafts once-in-a-while, but their favorite place to do hands-on learning?  Outside!  You can read about how we used a ladybug craft to learn counting and the color red in Spanish here.  And quickly after we made it, we of course took it outside to play.  Who knew learning Spanish prepositions could be so easy and fun?!

Learn Prepositions with Ladybugs
You of course do not have to have a ladybug to practice prepositions in Spanish.  Just grab any toy or stuffed animal your kids love, learn how to say it in Spanish ( is a great on-line English-Spanish dictionary), and take it outside for some learning fun!

Look for places you can put the toy above, below, in, inside of, between, under, or beside.  Here are some places we found to put our ladybug.

debajo (day-BAH-hoh) = under, underneath, beneath, below

“The ladybug is under the van.”

detrás (day-TRAHS) = behind

Here we were playing a chase game.  I used the phrase in the photo’s caption: “The ladybug is behind you!”

en (ehn) = on

“The ladybug is on the ground.”

en (ehn) = in, inside

“The ladybug is in the wagon.”

encima (ehn-SEE-mah) = on, on top of, over, above

“The ladybug is on top of the rock.”

entre (EHN-tray) = among, amongst, between

“The ladybug is between the branches of the tree.”  I was not sure whether or not to call these branches or trunks.  This is our birch tree and it has two giant “branches” at the bottom that really look like trunks.  The word for tree trunk is tronco (TROHN-koh).  

And remember, if you are not comfortable with full-on Spanish sentences, just try inserting Spanish words.  For example, with the prepositions above, hand your child the toy or animal you are playing with and say, “Can you put the ladybug entre the tree trunks?” or “Hey!  See if you can reach and put the ladybug encima!” or “Where is the ladybug (as you hide it behind your back)?” to which the kids can answer or you can shout out “Detrás!”  
Feliz prepositioning!
What are some fun ways you practice your prepositions?
Learn Spanish with Ladybugs // Make a Ladybug!

Learn Spanish with Ladybugs // Make a Ladybug!

This summer we followed along with the Virtual Book Club Summer Camp hosted by Toddler Approved, Rainy Day Mum, and The Educators’ Spin On It.  We did not blog about it, but we had a lot of fun following the calendar of books and activities put together by these awesome bloggers!  Of course we extended lots of activities into Spanish learning, and this post kicks off a series on how we have been learning Spanish with ladybugs!

You will find in this series:

1.  Make a Ladybug // Hagan una mariquita
2.  Learn Prepositions with Ladybugs
3.  Ladybugs and Their Spots
4.  Ladybugs and Colors
5.  Help the Little Ladybug–Practicing Numbers and Colors
6.  Learn Spanish Through Literature: La mariquita Lara
7.  Ladybug Facts

Make a Ladybug // Hagan una mariquita
One of the books we read along with VBC Summer Camp was “The Grouchy Ladybug” by Eric Carle.  We made the ladybug craft suggested by The Educators’ Spin On It which you can find here.  We did ours a little differently, making the legs with pipe cleaners (which I stapled instead of glued), and gluing the eyes right on the paper plate instead of making a head.  I think the ladybug from The Educators’ Spin On It is much cuter, but ours was a little quicker to assemble and needed no time for drying.  And with my boys, fast is usually preferred!

As you are making your ladybug with your kiddos, try using craft words in Spanish too!  Spanish Playground has a great post here introducing craft-centered Spanish vocabulary.  Also, try using these Spanish phrases to talk about the ladybugs spots, legs and color.

Yes…there are toys all over the floor behind my cute helper–because that’s our life!

Count the legs as you gather them, and as you staple (or glue) them on: “Uno….dos…tres…”

How many
he/she/it has

Count out the spots as you hand them to your child, and count them as you glue them on.  If your ladybug has more than ten spots, go here to watch a video on numbers past ten in Spanish.

is it/is he/is she
it is/he is/she is
If you choose to paint your ladybug a different color, you can watch this video for how to say your colors in Spanish.

Feliz ladybugging!

Linky Lunes Número 4 // Tips and Ideas on Being Bilingual

Linky Lunes Número 4 // Tips and Ideas on Being Bilingual

I love all the posts from last week’s “Linky Lunes Número 3!”  I look forward to seeing what posts will show up in the links below . . . I have learned so much and gained inspiration from all the bloggers who have shared.  Here is a recap from last week.

The Piri-Piri Lexicon shared a great post about bilingual books–how to choose them, how to use them, and and what other bloggers have to say about it.  Be sure to read this post for great ideas of bilingual books in many languages.

Toddling in the Fast Lane linked up this great lesson plan for learning los opuestos in Spanish!  The post is complete with games to play, cards to print (from and a book to go along with it all.  This would be a great lesson plan for you and your kiddos, even if you are learning Spanish yourself!

Have you dreamed of walking the streets of San Juan in Puerto Rico?  I have!  That’s why I loved reading this story from Discovering the World through My Son’s Eyes about their family’s recent immersion trip to Puerto Rico.  You should definitely read this post if you are looking for encouragement and ideas for raising bilingual children.  
What bilingual things have you been up to lately?  What books have you read that really encouraged you in your bilingual (or raising bilinguals) journey?  Share any tips, ideas, or questions you have about being bilingual or learning language!

Back to School en Español //  School Supply Flashcards in Spanish

Back to School en Español // School Supply Flashcards in Spanish

Does it feel like back to school time where you live?  Here the weather has been perfectly fallish, so hearing the school bus wheels squeak to a stop each morning seems about right; however, I feel like the summer FLEW by!  I know we probably say this every year, but seriously, my summer came and went in the blink of an eye.  Our family is still young enough that we do not have things like back-to-school shopping lists, or meet-the-teacher nights, but we are working on getting a little learning schedule in order and we stocked up on a few essential school supply items to get us through the year.  As I was putting all of our new school supplies away and trying to get them organized, I snapped a few pictures of them to make flashcards.  Feel free to save these images to your personal computer to print off for personal and/or classroom use.  You can use them for labeling or fun visuals for learning some new school supply words in Spanish.  I also made a printable form too that you can download  here.  I put the pronunciations and English words in the captions below.  Write those on the backs of the cards you print out for reminders on how to say the words and what they mean.  Enjoy your back to school days!  By the way, does anyone else love shopping for school and office supplies as much as I do?!  What is your favorite part of back-to-school?

ehl boh-LEE-grah-foh
the (ballpoint) pen
lah cahl-kooh-lah-DOH-rah
the calculator
lahs cahr-PAY-tahs
the folders
lahs SEHR-ahs
the crayons
lah SEEN-tah ahd-ay-SEE-vah
the tape
lohs cleeps
the paperclips
lohs kwah-DEHR-nohs
the notebooks
lah grah-pah-DOH-rah
the stapler
lohs LAH-pee-sehs day koh-LOHR
the colored pencils
lah mahn-SAHN-ah
the apple
lohs mahr-kah-DOH-rahs
the markers
ehl pay-gah-MEHN-toh
the glue
lohs PEEN-sehl-ehs
the paintbrushes
lahs peen-TOOH-rahs
the paints
lohs pohr-tah-MEEN-ahs
the mechanical pencils
lahs tee-HEHR-ahs
the scissors
lohs LAH-pee-sehs
the pencils