Celebrating Birthdays in Spanish

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The end of the summer is full of birthdays for our family!  At the end of August my son and I both celebrated our birthdays, my hubby celebrated his at the beginning of  September, we just celebrated my oldest brother’s 26th birthday, and one of my nephews turns five this weekend!

I am also doing some celebrating this week with the Multicultural Kid Blogs group that is celebrating its first year of being together.  With all of this celebrating going on, I thought it would be fun to learn a few words and phrases in Spanish to help us celebrate in two languages.

When I studied in Costa Rica, I was honored to be a guest at a birthday party for the nephew of my host family.  They celebrated his birthday much like we celebrate birthdays in my family: with food, family, singing, and presents.  Below are some pictures of us celebrating our now two-year-old’s birthday, along with some Spanish captions.  Remember, the best way to learn and practice vocabulary is in prases.  So after you learn the words . . . try some of the phrases below as well.

Let’s start with ¡Feliz cumpleaños! =  Happy birthday!

Él tiene tres globos. =  He has three balloons.
A él, le gusta jugar con los globos.  =  He likes to play with the balloons.
Él está jugando con los globos.  =  He is playing with the balloons.
Hay tres globos: un globo rojo, un globo azul, y un globo verde.  =  There are three baloons: a red balloon, a blue balloon, and a green balloon.

Me gusta comer helado.  =  I like to eat ice cream.
Me gusta el helado chocolate.  =  I like chocolate ice cream.
¿Quieres un helado?  =  Would you like some ice cream?
¡El helado está frío!  =  The ice cream is cold!

Yo abro los regalos.  =  I open the presents.
¡Ábrelo!  =  Open it!
¿Qué es?  =  What is it?
¿De quién es este regalo?  =  Who is this present from?
¡Gracias!  =  Thank you!

Vamos a cortar la torta.  =  We are going to cut the cake.
¿De qué sabor es la torta?  =  What flavor is the cake?
La torta es chocolate.  =  The cake is chocolate.
¿Quieres un pedazo?  =  Would you like a piece?
¿Me das un pedazo de la torta por favor?  =  May I have a piece of the cake please?
Go here to read about all of the different names for birthday cake in Spanish!

If you want to get in on the celebrating…read below!

Multicultural Kid Blogs Virtual Birthday Party!It’s a party, y’all! Multicultural Kid Blogs is officially one year old as of today. To celebrate we are hosting a virtual birthday party and YOU are invited!

The Party
Be sure to visit the participating blogs (see list at the end of this post) to see what they are bringing to the party, plus link up your own posts on the MKB site!

The Giveaway
Like any good host, we don’t want you to go home empty handed, so we are offering some great prizes to three lucky winners. See the end of the post for details on the prizes. To enter, visit the MKB site to: 1) Link up a birthday-related post or 2) Comment on the MKB site to tell us your wish for the coming year!

Party Hosts

Party Favors

Prize #1
Mas Canciones en Espanol - Music with Sara - MKB Birthday Party Giveaway
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Prize #2
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Prize #3
DVD Fiesta Whistlefritz - MKB Birthday Party Giveaway
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Now it’s your turn! Visit the MKB site for a chance to win one of these prizes by linking up your birthday posts or commenting to tell us your wish for the coming year!

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