It wouldn’t be spring without a few rainbow activites, right?  There are so many great rainbow activities out there to try with your kiddos or students, and of course they provide great opportunities for learning colors in Spanish.  Arco iris (AHR-koh EE-rees) is the word for rainbow in Spanish.  You can check out some of my favorite rainbow activities on my rainbow pinterest board, and see below for the rainbow activities we have been doing as of late.  Don’t forget to print out the free printable at the end!

This first project is one that I have wanted to do for a while now, and am finally getting around to it.  You can use the concept for any new vocabulary you are trying to teach or learn in Spanish that is relatively simple to draw.  If your kiddos are learning their colors in Spanish, have them practice with this fun activity:

Start by drawing a rainbow with seven arcs.

Next, write out a Spanish color word guide for your child to reference.  Listed here are the color words in Spanish, and you can check out this chart I made for pronunciation help.
Have your child write out the word in its own color for each arc.  This repetition will really help them practice the meaning and spelling of the word; and since it’s art it won’t seem tedious, but fun.

Have them try lowercase, uppercase, cursive, or a mixture.

When it is all finished, you will have a great visual reference for Spanish colors to hang in your home.  Put it close to where you have Spanish lessons so the kids can use it when they need to remember the names of colors.

Here you can print the rainbow coloring sheet you see in the picture.  You can use it for the color word project above, or just a fun coloring sheet for younger children.  The letters are great to use for handwriting practice too. 
We have been watching this fun Spanish song about the colors of the rainbow, be sure to check it out.  If you are having trouble viewing it, you can watch it here on YouTube.