March is here!  Where we live, we gain sixty-nine minutes of daylight by the end of the month.  I am pumped.  Even though our temperatures for this time of year have been way below average, we still have had fun crafting and coloring all things spring.  Goodbye hearts, hello shamrocks!

We chose green for our color to learn this month. And by we I mean me.  But hey, if I don’t get excited about the color of the month, who will?  I thought it would be fun to write a story to read each day at our circle time.  Yes we have circle time with just the four of us.  I guess it seems a little silly, but the routine and repetition has really helped some of the Spanish stick in my kiddos’ heads.  I love to hear them walk around singing songs from our circle time routine.  Just tonight I heard el rubio singing, “tengo veinte años.”  Which means, “I am twenty years old.”  He’s three.  But he thinks it’s funny to say he’s twenty.

I digress.  Soon I should blog about what we do at circle time, until then, here is just a part of our morning routine: our color of the month story.  Below is a video (and here is a {FREE Printable} for you) so you can read along with us!  In some ways I am reluctant to put videos out there of me speaking Spanish–but I want other non-native Spanish speakers to know that we can do this.  Even if your accent is not perfect, if you mess up on gender, or if you don’t know a word, just HABLA!  Your kids won’t learn Spanish if they do not hear it spoken.  I keep reminding myself: better for them to hear a funny accent in Spanish than no Spanish at all.

I would love for you to link up your own activities and ideas for learning the color VERDE!