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Spanish Now! Level 1 // My Review


I know that many of you are probably gearing up for a new school year!  In the spirit of “Back to School” I have some vlog and blog posts planned to help you out.  Today on the vlog I review my old and trusty Spanish Now! Level 1 book that I have used for almost four years teaching high school Spanish.  One of the reasons I love this textbook is that I feel it lends itself well for use in the home school.  Being a home school graduate and now teacher of home schoolers I know how hard it can be to find a way to offer a foreign language option to your students without spending hundreds of dollars.  So check out my reasons why this might be the book for you.  **Please note: This is not a paid or sponsored post…it’s just me talking about a book I really like and think you might like too!**

1)  This book is affordable at the marked retail price of $18.99, but you can get it even cheaper online or at your local used bookstore.  Since it is a consumable text (students write their answers directly in the book), be sure to find one with little to no markings if you are going the used route.

2)  The answers to all of the exercises are in the back of the book.  Students can check their work after each work unit (chapter) and not be left to wonder if they are “getting it” or completing the exercises correctly.


3)  Every new concept or grammar point is bite-sized and introduced with clear and thorough written explanations–as well as followed up with many practice exercises to put your new knowledge to the test and solidify the information in your brain.

4)  Most books come with a CD set that includes native speakers reading part of each story that comes at the beginning of each work unit.  Hearing a native speaker is a great way to reinforce comprehension.  Students can also use the CDs to practice their own pronunciation by repeating after the native speaker as he or she reads.

Check out the video on my YouTube channel to hear more about my reasons for using this book in my own high school Spanish classes.  Have you used this book?  What do you like or dislike about it?  Leave your comments below


Kali Carollo

Kali Carollo