I have been working on making some short videos to present bite-sized Spanish lessons.  For many of my students it is easier to break things down into little lessons and focus on one small thing at a time.  In my opinion it is better to do a little Spanish each day, than to try to do a lot of Spanish once-a-week.

The first video I did focuses on the verb necesitar.  

It’s a verb that could come in handy quite often.  It means to need.  Once you learn this verb in Spanish you can talk about any object you might need, any action you need to do, or any place you need to go.

I also tried to gather some helpful resources from around the web that focus on this verb as well.  The more ways you can approach learning something, or have something presented to you–the better.  Whether you are learning this verb for the first time, or already know it, use these resources below for practice!

The verb chart on this page might be a bit confusing, but scroll down to the bottom to click on the sentences to hear the verb necesitar used in different sentences, spoken by a native speaker. 

Here is a quick quiz you can take practicing the different forms of the verb necesitar.

Another place where you can listen to a native speaker using the verb necesitar and also the verb tener, which is coming up in some of my other videos.

This website features a free worksheet for the verbs necesitar and tener.  Scroll down to Chapter 4 and you will see it!

I found this Spanish teacher that has a great post explaining AR verbs in general.  She also has a free worksheet you can print off for practice.

And of course, one of my all-time favorite go-to’s Señor Jordan.  He has a great video for necesitar with lots of helpful practice sentences.