My Christmas shopping trends have shifted this year, and I have been shopping online more than usual.  Online is a faster way to find unique, personalized gifts than window shopping all over the city.  And as I have been shopping online, I ran across a few things I just had to share with you all here!  Of course my searching included all things Spanish.  Check out some of my cool discoveries!

Pura Vida Bracelets  This company began when two college students traveled to Costa Rica and met two men peddling bracelets.  They loved the bracelets so much they bought a bulk amount to take back home with them to San Diego, and a business relationship was born.  Pura Vida Bracelets not only provides jobs to Costa Ricans, but they also have a charity line that gives to 190+ charities around the world.  Gotta love gifts with a good cause.  I am in love with the Yoga Girl Pack.

Kula Kai  One Etsy shop discovery for me is Kula Kai.  They have wonderfully simple golden jewelry designs.  My favorite is this golden bar necklace that says “besos” (“kisses” in Spanish).

Bright July Another Etsy shop find!  Bright July has the cutest hand appliqued pillows, and in English, French and Spanish.  Don’t you just adore this one?  (“Te amo” means “I Love You” in Spanish.)

Daria’s Little Village Store  I have known about this little store for a while.  It is a Fair Trade store and has fun gifts from around the world for your kids.  I love the little finger puppets from Peru, which I saw a lot when I traveled there.  And they are on sale right now!  You can get a set of five for only $5.95, not to mention you are supporting local artisans in Peru. 

Ciudad Azteca  I happened across this fun handmade game from Mexico called “Pirinola.”  This shop on Etsy actually ships from Mexico.  I love simple little games like these, and this one would be great for learning counting in Spanish.

Bright Life Toys  Looking for some super bueno Montessori toys?  Bright Life Toys has you covered.  I love their beautiful hand made wooden toys especially.  Like this set of the Spanish alphabet.  I could spend my entire Christmas budget in this one store.

This list could go on and on, but I’ll spare you!  What awesome shops or items have you found this Christmas in your shopping ventures?  I would love to hear about them.

P.S. This is not a sponsored post, just real-live honest-to-goodness things that make my heart go boom clap!

¡Feliz navidad!