My latest Spanish home project: salt and pepper shakers.

Maybe your family speaks more than one language at home.  Maybe your family is learning a second decorate your house in more than one language?
language together.  Maybe your family only speaks one language, but likes to learn about the world.  Whatever the case, do you

At our house I am the only bilingual (and I use that term loosely) person, and I love being able to speak more than one language.  So naturally, I look for any and all opportunities to share my second language, Spanish, with my family.  If you have read my blog at all, you know I teach my children Spanish in informal lessons; I try to use Spanish in our play; I try to read to my kids in Spanish; and I seek to find creative ways to make our home bilingual.

One of my favorite ways of late, is to find ways to sneak Spanish into our home decor.  I like the idea that my kids will grow up seeing Spanish written around them.  I hope that when they get older and literate they will start asking, “Mom, what does that say?” which will lead to an impromptu Spanish lesson.  I hope it will seem natural to them to see different languages around them and that this will make them curious about the world, other cultures, and becoming bilingual (or multilingual!) themselves.  My bilingual decorating has taken over here, here and here.

Etsy and Pinterest are great places to scour the internet for fashionable ways to bring many languages into your home.  Here are some things I have had my eye on lately.

I adore these pillows from Bright July.  They have some in French too.  My problem is I cannot decide which one to buy first.

Some fun stuff for the kitchen…

From hatchettdesigns

From DexMex
From TeaMoDecor

I love these for the kids…

From ArtOfthePage

From HowJoyfulShop

 I love this shop on Etsy!  It has maps like this with how to say “I love you” in each country.  So fun!  You score on language and geography with this one.

From LisaBarbero

From LisaBarbero

So how do YOU decorate in different languages?  If you have any shops or suggestions, please leave your links and comments below!  Feliz decorating!