Learn Spanish With Kids: Unit One–The Spanish Alphabet

by | Sep 19, 2015 | Spanish ABC's

Don’t Give Up.

Before reading any further: go buy yourself this mug.  Drink your morning coffee or tea or lemon water from it each day for a reminder that–you got this!  (If you haven’t been following along lately go here to see what I mean by “this.”)  I thought you might appreciate this bit of encouragement before I mentioned the phrase “lesson plans.”  What?  You do not have time to plan out Spanish lessons for your kids?  That is exactly why I made some for you. Easy peasy. 

Buy it here!

Are Your Excuses Better Than Mine?

Might I ask, How’s it been going finding a time each day to practice Spanish with your kidlets?  Honestly speaking, we have only listened to the Alphabet Playlist once around here because a) I took the YouTube app off my phone to make room for more photos and b) our speakers went out that I hook my phone up to which means we have to listen to the music on the computer in my tiny office which means we don’t.  I’m sure you have plenty of excuses like mine, so let’s challenge each other this week to say NO. MORE. EXCUSES.  (If you need to get them out of your system, comment below with the things that are holding you back from doing Spanish each day, and we can encourage each other to not give up.)

What You Need for This Week

Here is my idea for this week.  How about we focus on listening to at least ONE Spanish alphabet song each day?  For the playlist go here —> Learn Spanish with Kids ABCs.  My oldest son’s favorite so far is song #4.  it’s pretty catchy and also a little creepy!  After the song we will play one quick and easy alphabet game.  You can either come to this post each day to follow along with the plan, or print out the guide I have below.  The guide also has the alphabet chart with a pronunciation guide which would be helpful for the parents to have on hand as you play the games.  Try to do any prep before the week begins so you can just grab and go on each day.

Lesson 1

Song #1
Older Kids: Have the kids come up with an action or sign with their body that looks like the letter.  Listen to the song again and when you sing the letter, make the letter with your body.  This might be too tricky for littler kids to remember and might frustrate them, but I have done it with students ages 7 through high school and it has been a hit!
Younger Kids:  Write each letter of the Spanish alphabet on a piece of paper or index card.  Lay out each one on your floor in a circle.  As the song plays, have your kids jump from letter to letter.

Lesson 2

Song #1
Game: Same as Monday.

Lesson 3

Song #2
Game: Write out each vowel on a piece of paper or index card.  Tape them in various places throughout the room.  Yell out a random vowel and have the kids race to where that vowel is hanging in the room.  Repeat until the kids are out of breath.

Lesson 4

Song #2
Game: Same as Wednesday, but this time have the kids take turns yelling out the letters.

Lesson 5

Any Song
Game: Grab a ball.  Toss it around to each other.  As you toss it, say the alphabet together.

Lesson 6

ABC Playlist
Game: You’ll probably be on the go, so listen to the play list in the car. Or just take turns saying a letter of the alphabet until you have recited the whole thing a few times.

Lesson 7

Favorite Song
Game: See if you can say the alphabet backwards together.  Keep trying until you can do it without mistakes.

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