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by | Dec 13, 2017 | Lifestyle

The other day I ran across a wall calendar that had daily Spanish phrases and vocabulary.  It got me thinking, what other FUN stuff is out there for getting more Spanish in your life?!  I’m sharing below a few of my favorite things I found.  And although most of these would be fine for kids, I actually had MYSELF in mind for this list!!  Enjoy.  🙂

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I just love to get my hands on anything Spanish.  Like I dream of the day Target has it’s pretty agendas that say “DOS MIL DIECISÉIS” instead of “TWO THOUSAND EIGHTEEN.”  The more I see Spanish in my environment, the more inclined I am to speak it.  Here are some cute items from Etsy and Amazon to get you started.  (The Amazon links in this post are affiliate links, just FYI!)

These pillows are so cute!  Last I checked, the Navy one was on sale.  And wouldn’t the teal one look so cute in a nursery!?

Okay, this mug is just too funny!

Anyone else need help reminding people in your house who is boss?  (My daughter will probably think this mug is for her.)

You could get lots of quick Spanish lessons in if you bought one of these calendars.  It’s an easy way to get a daily lesson without much effort!  Even if you just learned one new phrases a day, that would be at least 1,000 new words learned in the New Year!

By the looks of the January page, it’s more for beginners.  I’m excited to start using this with my kids.  If you can’t see the image well here, the image on Amazon has a zoom-in feature if you’re wanting to see what kinds of words and phrases you can learn with this calendar.

If you’re looking for something a little more advanced, this daily calendar should do the trick!  You can see more example phrases on Amazon.

I used to own this Spanish idioms book and would thumb through the pages just for fun.  Some of the English idioms were new to me too!  Something a little different from your typical grammar book.

This magnet set has over 500 pieces.  I might even use this one on the filing cabinet in my room to right little love notes to my hubby in Spanish.  😉

I can’t believe I am just now hearing about this game.  From the reviews on Amazon it sounds really fun, and a great game for beginners of all ages: kids + adults alike.  It could even help you learn the vosotros form if you haven’t yet.  It’s a color-coded card game, kind of like Mad Libs in the sense that you could turn out with wacky sentences that are grammatically correct.  😛

Here’s a smaller version if you want to try one deck first to see if you like it.

If you’re looking for more games for kiddos, check out my post specifically for kids (coming soon hopefully)!

If you’re a big podcast listener, make sure you check out these two below!  The first I have listened to for over a year.  If you subscribe in iTunes, the episodes download right to your phone and the app reminds you to listen!

The second one is new to me, but it is GREAT!  Both are súper bueno for intermediate speakers.  Also, if you’re a parent, imagine how great it would be for your kids to hear/see you listening to something in a foreign language.  They’ll start picking up the language right along with you!

If you don’t have an iPhone/iTunes, just download a podcast app like Stitcher or Overcast and find the podcast in there!

I’m not sure how often Duolingo plans to publish these podcasts (or if they’ll be free?), but the first one is out, and it’s free, and it’s awesome!

Duolingo also has a language-learning app that everyone loves!  Apple even rated it the best app of the year when it came out.  This one is not just for kids!

If you have the Audible app, you should definitely grab this audiobook!  It was the first audiobook I ever purchased from Audible.  🙂

Do tell what your favorite Spanish-boosting idea is!!  Do you have any favorite games or books?

Kali Carollo


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