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by | Sep 8, 2019 | Fall

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It’s not fall without talking about apples, right? And as with anything we learn in English, we want to learn how to talk about it in Spanish too, right?

Okay. Glad we’re on the same page. 😀 Now let’s take a look at some awesome books and resources for learning Spanish with apples!

Apple Books in Spanish

Mira cómo crece una manzana (Watch An Apple Grow)

La cosecha de manzanas (Apple Harvest)

Apple Farmer Annie // Ana cultiva manzanas

We LOVE this book at our house!

La vida de la manzana ¡Mira cómo crece! Series

10 Apples Up on Top

¡Diez manzanas en la cabeza!

This one you can find read aloud on YouTube!!! Grab a set of bean bags if you don’t already have some, and let the kids practice balancing “apples” on top of theirs heads as you read the book. It’s so much fun for practicing counting in Spanish! And if they fall down you can practice saying “¡Se cayeron!” (seh kah-YEH-rohn) They fell down!

Sorting Apples

Here’s a fun apple toy set to practice colors, counting, sorting by shape!

Need some phrases to get you started?

Esta manzana es pequeña. = This apple is little.

Esta manzana es mediana. = This apple is medium.

Esta manzana es grande. = This apple is big.

Learning Resources Attribute Apples

Apple Math

We haven’t tackled learning fractions in Spanish yet. But if you have, or would like to, this is a fun toy to get you started!

Magnetic Apple Fractions

You can find some good videos on YouTube to help you introduce this concept as well.

YouTube Videos About Apples

Go with Blippi to see how apples are harvested then cleaned and packaged to be sold at the store! This video is a great companion to the book Ana cultiva manzanas above, since in that story she grows the apples and then takes them to the city market!

Blippi videos are great for babies through ages 6-7. He’s a little silly, so he may not be everyone’s favorite, but I love how his exaggerated motions really aid in picking up on the language. The Spanish videos are dubbed, so his mouth doesn’t match the sounds, but I think these are still great for learning Spanish. What do you think?

Spanish Playground has two awesome videos about apples for Spanish learners! One more for beginners (I’d say perfect for ages 4-8), and another for intermediate learners.

For more Spanish activity ideas, you can check out what we were doing last year around this time! (Including a fun printable mini-book, and an apple anatomy poster.) ¡Feliz apple learning!

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