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Usborne Books in Spanish About the Beach & Ocean

Usborne Books in Spanish About the Beach & Ocean

At the beginning of this summer, I set out to see how many Spanish picture books about the ocean I could find. I already had in mind a few from my post a couple years back (30+ Kids Books in Spanish for July), but I wanted to see what else was out there, and what else had maybe been published since 2018 when I wrote that original Spanish booklist for the summer.

I ended up with some great finds! I plan to share with you all my discoveries from independent online Spanish bookstores, to Scholastic, to Usborne.

First up for today are the Spanish books about oceans from Usborne!

** Full disclosure: The Usborne books linked here will direct you to my consultant page. If you purchase through these links, I will get a small commission at no additional cost to you. Thanks for your support! <3 **

What I love about Usborne:

  • they ship SO quickly (at least in my experience)
  • they have many Spanish options
  • if you sign up as a consultant, you get 25% back on purchases which helps you save a little money!

What you may not love about Usborne:

  • their books are translations from original English editions
  • they do not focus on Hispanic culture and heritage
  • the characters in their books are not as diverse as they could be (although I think they are working to improve this?)

Here’s what we got!

1001 cosas que buscar en el mar—This is a seek-and-find book. The website says it’s for ages 6+ but I feel like younger kids would like it too as long as an adult was there to help them read it.

This one is a great vocabulary builder for beginning Spanish learners. Each page spread has a super-detailed illustration of some part of the ocean, and around the edges there are items singled out with the quantity of each you can find hidden in the picture.

You could also use this books as a way to study the different ocean regions around the world, as well as the different ocean levels and what sea creatures live where.

Mares y océanos—I really love this lift-the-flap book! On Usborne’s website it says for ages 5 and up, but this book has more text than the one above, so an adult or bigger kid will need to be near by to read for the younger ones. I counted and there are 15-25 factoids on each page spread. This one is going to be great for me to get some good scientific vocabulary under my belt around the subject of marine biology!

Here’s one of the facts so you can get a feel for what level of reading it is: “Los chorlitejos picotean insectos entre las piedras. Como los huevos que ponen son moteados, pasan desapercibidos entre las piedras.”

Secretos de la costa—This little treasure might just be my favorite! I don’t know. Maybe it’s a tie between this one and the ¡Mira debajo! one. Either way, if you haven’t experienced Usborne’s “Shine-a-Light” series, you will want to snag this book! Each page has a secret image that you can illuminate by shining a light from behind the page you’re looking at.

This one is all about tide pools and the creatures that inhabit them.

Here are some other beach/ocean-themes books from Usborne. We haven’t purchased these yet, but you might enjoy them!

If you’re looking for some pretty, Spanish, beach/ocean-themed flashcards – check out the ones from Bilingual Beginnings!

Are you learning about the ocean this month? Tell us what resources and books you’re enjoying in the comments!

Spanish Audio Books on Audible

Spanish Audio Books on Audible

Reading is one of THE best ways to improve your fluency level in a language. So whether you are wanting to improve your own Spanish skills, or those of your kids, you’ll definitely want to check out all the Spanish audio books Audible has to offer. Each time I found another Spanish audio book that was available I did a little happy dance. I was freaking out how many are available. I hope you enjoy this list!

Most of the Spanish audio books listed here you can click through and listen to a sample of the Audible version in Spanish to make sure you like the voice of the narrator. I know that for some people, the narrator can make or break the ease of listening. Each sample I listened to had great narrators in my opinion though!

This post contains affiliate links. If you make a qualifying purchase through the links here, I receive a small advertising fee. As always, thank you for supporting For the Love of Spanish!

For Big Kids

You can find all the Harry Potter series on Audible! The 7th one comes out February 25, 2020, but you can pre-order it now.

De cómo Tía Lola vino de visita a quedarse por Julia Álvarez (How Tía Lola Came to Visit Stay by Julia Alvarez)

I love the Tía Lola books!! Not all of them are available on Audible, so be sure to check out the paperback versions of the other stories in the series.

De cómo Tía Lola aprendió a enseñar por Julia Álvarez

El principito por Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Wonder: La lección de August por R.J. Palacio

I am in love with this story. In our family it has helped so much to exemplify the importance of kindness, self love, and familial closeness. And it happens to be at the perfect reading level for me in Spanish. Ha!

For Older Kids

La ciudad de las bestias por Isabel Allende

El reino del dragón de oro (Libro 2 de la trilogía La ciudad de las bestias) por Isabel Allende

El bosque de los pigmeos (Libro 3 de la trilogía La ciudad de las bestias) por Isabel Allende

Yo no soy tu perfecta hija mexicana por Erika L. Sánchez

La casa en Mango Street por Sandra Cisneros

I read this book in college. Such a GOOD read, especially if you live in the United States. Cisneros gives a wonderful voice to the Chicano experience.

Don Quijote de la Mancha por Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra

My first-ever Audible purchase!! There are no words for this book. It’s written in old-time Spanish – even an advanced listen for native Spanish speakers. If you’ve never read it and English is your first language . . . be prepared to look up lots of words. It might even help to have a hard copy for jotting down notes or following along. But it’s SO worth it!!

For Adults

Mi historia por Michelle Obabma (Becoming by Michelle Obama)

Who has read this one?! I’ve been wanting to, so I was very excited to see it’s available in Spanish!!

Cien años de soledad por Gabriel García Márquez

Another must-read. This list is full of them. Ha! If you haven’t had the experience of reading a magical realism story – this one is a good place to start!!!

El amor en los tiempos del cólera por Gabriel García Márquez

Or this one!

La casa de los espíritus por Isabel Allende

Isabel Allende is another magical realism author. This book is one of her most well-known. I’ve read her collection of short stories in English, The Stories of Eva Luna, but I’ve yet to read any of her novels.

Have you read any of her works? I’m curious to know your favorites.

Paula por Isabel Allende

Como agua para chocolate por Laura Esquivel

Another classic of magical realism. We watched the Spanish movie adaptation of this novel in one of my Spanish classes in college. Raise your hand if you love to read books that have been turned into films? (Me! Me!)

Man! What an amazing list of books. There are soooo many more available, so be sure to head over to Audible and look around!! And let me know which book you choose to listen to first!!

¡Feliz Spanish audiobooking! xo, Kali

Barefoot Books in Spanish

Barefoot Books in Spanish

If you live in the United States like me, you know that finding picture books in Spanish isn’t always easy! Although Spanish books for kids are becoming a little more mainstream than they used to be, it’s still not as easy as finding books in English. That’s why when I found out about the Barefoot Books company, and that they publish many of their titles in Spanish, I knew I had to be a part of that! You may have seen my previous booklist of Barefoot Books that Celebrate Hispanic Heritage, and now today I’m sharing with you a list of Spanish picture books that Barefoot Books has to offer.
You can find books for kids in Spanish for many different learning themes below:
  • Spanish Board Books
  • Learning Spanish
  • Bilingual Books
  • Spanish Sing-Along Books
  • Folk Tales in Spanish
  • World Culture Stories in Spanish
  • Rhyming Stories in Spanish
  • Math & Science Books in Spanish
  • Social-Emotional Learning Books in Spanish
I really hope you can find some treasures from this list to add to your home library! All the prices below are subject to change. You can find all the current prices on the website which is linked to each title below. If you click through to the website you can peek inside each book to see what a few of the pages are like. The links are my ambassador referral links, meaning any purchases you make will earn me a small commission.
Do you see too many titles that you want to buy?? Hosting a Barefoot Books party is a great way to earn free books & discounts. You can email me for details! fortheloveofspanish at gmail dot com
Board Books
by Britta Teckentrup
(Ages 1-4) $6.99 Board Book
Have fun comparing big and small things in nature, like a tree and an acorn, a lion and a cat, an apple and a seed. I love the bright and simple illustrations Britta Teckentrup designed for these pages.
by Britta Teckentrup
(Ages 1-4) $6.99 Board Book
From the same illustrator have fun introducing modes of transport to your littles while comparing which one is fast and which one is slow! El coche, la bici; el barco, la balsa; and more.
Illustrated by Christiane Engel
(Ages 0-3) $14.99 board book
A newer addition to the Barefoot Books collection, this large board book featuring a baby and her two dads is a great way to help babies learn all the little words and phrases they will love to use. Hidden on each page is a cute little wooly mammoth which makes for a fun eye spy search on every page.  The book also has tabs for each page making it easy for little hands to go to their favorite pictures again and again. Be sure to take a peek inside this one so you can see how much fun the painted scenes are.
by Stella Blackstone
(Ages 0-2) $6.99 board book
Inside the pages of this board book you will find warm photos featuring diverse babies with different family members. The contrasting black and white graphic design on each page, as well as the real-life photos, are perfect for catching baby’s eye. The loving text was designed for an older sibling, parent, or caregiver to share with baby. “I love you and you love me. I talk to you and you talk to me.” “Yo te amo y tú me amas. Yo hablo contigo y tú hablas conmigo.” Also a GREAT way for parents who aren’t comfortable speaking Spanish spontaneously with their babies, this book will help you speak to your baby in Spanish and learn endearing terms in Spanish in complete phrases.
Make a complete set with:
Learning Spanish
Illustrated by Sophie Fatus
(Ages 2-11) $19.99
A nice hardcover book that will help you to learn 700+ new words! What sets this book apart from other vocabulary books is the narrative throughout. Each page has a complete sentence written out to help you interact with the illustrations and vocabulary, in Spanish and in English so you know what the phrase means. With 22.5 page spreads, you could use this book to guide your learning for 20 weeks…that’s almost half the year!
by Eboo
(Ages 5+) $12.99
What better companion to the book above than this large card set? Each card has the word written in English and Spanish, as well as a full phrase using the word. They are so sturdy and also color-coordinated by categories. You could use these cards for endless learning and fun.
by Deborah Mills & Alfredo Alva
Illustrated by Claudia Navarro
(Ages 3-11) $9.99 Paperback
If you live in the United States, this is a must-read. Authors Mills & Alva treat the polarizing subject of immigration with tenderness and care. This isn’t a book that makes you take sides, this is a book that shows the humanity and realities of immigration. I would recommend that every Spanish teacher have a copy for the classroom not only for the subject matter, but also as a great library addition. The text is bilingual, making it great for intermediate or beginning learners. Don’t miss the end-notes that give a wealth of information on the history of immigration around the world, as well as Mexico-US relations.
by Stella Blackstone
(Ages 0-2) $6.99 boardbook
**See description above.
Illustrated by Melanie Williamson
Sung by La familia Amador
(Ages 3-7) $9.99 Paperback with Enhanced CD
What a fun spin on the classic “Wheels on the Bus” song! Here you can ride a bus through a village and town in Guatemala. But uh-oh, what happens when the tire on the bus pops? Observe all the friendly fun of the welcoming Guatemalan culture. You can also learn more from the end notes in the back about the country’s flag, money, markets, wildlife, and textiles. The book comes with a CD that can be played in the car on-the-go, or on the computer with animated video.
by Debbie Harter
(Ages 2-6) $9.99 Paperback with Music CD
Here’s a great sing-along book to help you shake your sillies out! Find all the animals hiding in the jungle and dance the cha-cha-cha with them. This would be a great addition to a jungle or animal unit! And also great for learning some fun new verbs in Spanish.
by Jan Dobbins
Illustrated by Laura Huliska-Beith
Sung by Natalia Bernal
(Ages 3-7) $9.99 Paperback with Enhanced CD
With this fun song kids can see what it’s like to be a farmer. Milk the cow, collect eggs, bale hay, harvest cherries and more! This would be a great addition to a farm unit in Spanish, and you can take the catchy tune with you in the car as you run errands to squeeze in some Spanish learning on-the-go!
Folk Tales
by Mary Finch
Illustrated by Kate Slater
(Ages 3-7) $8.99 Paperback
I looooove the illustrations that accompany the retelling of this classic tale. Also another good resource if you are doing a farm unit in Spanish. This one works well for Spanish learners because of the repetitive structure of the story. And in the back is a recipe for making the bread the hen makes (in Spanish)!
by Aleksei Tolstoy
Illustrated by Niamh Sharkey
(Ages 3-7) $8.99 Paperback
Learn the names of animals and practice counting in Spanish with this old Russian tale. A sweet old couple plants a garden and after all the rains they are ready to harvest. But uh-oh! The turnip is too big to pull out. They enlist the help of all their animals…will they ever get the giant turnip out of the ground!?
by Richard Walker
Illustrated by Niamh Sharkey
(Ages 3-7) $10.99 Paperback with Story CD
What makes this story great is the story CD that comes with it. I am always looking for resources that help my kids to hear Spanish spoken by a native speaker. Here’s a classic tale they know, that they can listen to in Spanish. You could spend an entire term working with this story and your kids will enjoy the fun illustrations that remind me a bit of the pictures from Where the Wild Things Are.
World Cultures Stories
by Anna Witte
Illustrated by Micha Archer
(Ages 3-7) $8.99 Paperback
Ezra Jack Keats Honor Book, El fandango de Lola, introduces young readers to the country of Spain. Meet Lola, the youngest daughter of a family of four living in the heart of a city in Spain, who looks up to her sister so much and feels she lacks all the special things her sister has: friends, a pretty name, pretty hair… One day Lola’s dad decides to start giving Lola a special present: secret flamenco dancing lessons. The two work very hard together over many months and reveal the surprise at a special fiesta. Lola learns how to have spirit and bravery to step into her own limelight. This book is sure to make readers curious about the flamenco dancing culture in Spain.
Abuelita fue al mercado: un libro en rima para contar por el mundo – Turkey, Thailand, Mexico, China, Switzerland, Kenya, Russia, Australia, Japan, Peru
by Stella Blackstone
Illustrated by Christopher Corr
Translated by Yanitzia Canetti
(Ages 3-7) $7.99 Paperback
Follow Grandmother on her magic carpet from Turkey to Mexico, Thailand and beyond. At each stop see the interesting and colorful souvenirs she finds to bring back home. A great book to practice counting in Spanish, and to learn the names of other countries in Spanish.

¡Nos vamos a México! – Mexico
by Laurie Krebs
Illustrated by Christopher Korr
(Ages 4-10) $8.99 Paperback

We have been reading this one recently as part of a unit study on Mexico. We have the English and Spanish editions. The Spanish version would be better for intermediate learners, and the English version is great for beginners as it introduces a few new Spanish words on each page. Your kids will become so curious about Mexico and its many wonders after reading this rhythmic adventure.

Nos fuimos todos de safari: Una aventura de números por Tanzania – Tanzania
by Laurie Krebs
Illustrated by Julia Cairns

Another fun counting book that also teaches you numbers and words in Swahili! Learn a little bit about the country Tanzania and the exciting animals that live there: hippos, lions, ostriches, zebras, elephants! As you can see this book is packed full of learning! Another great feature is that it is written in the past tense so would be great practice for Spanish learners. This would be a perfect book to kick off a unit study on the country of Tanzania.

Illustrated by Melanie Williamson
Sung by La familia Amador
(Ages 3-7) $9.99 Paperback with Enhanced CD
**See description above.
by Deborah Mills & Alfredo Alva
Illustrated by Claudia Navarro
(Ages 3-11) $9.99 Paperback
**See description above. 
El desayuno del principe – India, Mexico, Shanghai, Africa
by Joanne Oppenheim
Illustrated by Miriam Latimer
(Ages 3-7) $8.99 Paperback
**See description below.
by Mary and Rich Chamberlin
Illustrated by Julia Cairns
(Ages 4-10) $8.99 Paperback
Young Adika along with Mama Panya learn in this story, akin to ‘Stone Soup,’ that a little bit can go far when sharing with people around us. Kids will also have fun reading about Kenya and trying the crepe recipe in the back!
by Carolyn Curtis
Illustrated by Alison Jay
(Ages 1-7) $8.99
Do you have any bedtime stories in Spanish in your home library yet? This one would be a fun companion to Buenas noches, Luna. This quiet, imaginative story follows a boy and the moon as they dance together over the water, swing and lift their feet to the sky, salter carefully over the grass until they arrive at the boy’s house and they each go to their own beds to sleep the night away.
by Joanne Oppenheim
Illustrated by Miriam Latimer
(Ages 3-7) $8.99 Paperback
This silly prince refuses to go to sleep! Watch all the hullabaloo the kingdom goes through to help the prince catch some zzzz’s. Kids who don’t love bedtime will have a fun time reading this one. Would be a great book to read at bedtime right before Llevé a la luna a pasear. And you’ll never guess what trick helps the prince to finally fall asleep at the end! 😉
by Joanne Oppenheim
Illustrated by Miriam Latimer
(Ages 3-7) $8.99 Paperback
Our spoiled prince is back! And this time he’s deciding to be a picky eater. Go with the royal family all around the world as they try to find a food that will satisfy the little prince. Do you think you can guess the food he finally eats?
by Stella Blackstone
Illustrated by Christopher Corr
Translated by Yanitzia Canetti
(Ages 3-7) $7.99 Paperback
**See description above.
Math & Science
by Brenda Williams
Illustrated by Sophie Fatus
(Ages 4-9) $8.99 Paperback
Do you like the story The Princess and the Pea? Then you will enjoy this math tale. The king and queen and their three sons, in search of the perfect princess, are in for a few surprises as three different princesses come to visit the castle. Will they find the right lady to marry the eldest prince? Lots of fun counting and math in this book, also a good repetitive structure great for Spanish learners.
by Stella Blackstone
Illustrated by Maria Carluccio
(Ages 1-7) $8.99 Paperback
Skip through all the seasons and months in this lovely search and find book. All along the bottom of each page are words of things to look for in the illustrations, which makes it perfect for Spanish learners! Learn the months of the year, talk about different types of weather, and vocabulary to go along with each! You can also read some history in the back of the book about where the names of the months come from, learn about different calendars of the world, and all about the four seasons.
Social-Emotional Learning
by Kathryn White
Illustrated by Miriam Latimer
(Ages 3-7) $8.99 Paperback
Ruby is not so sure she wants a new little brother. Won’t he be noisy and stinky? Will her parents have time for her anymore? Eventually her curiosity gets the best of her and once she gets to know her little brother she begins to realize the job of big sister can be quite rewarding.
by Jules Bass
Illustrated by Debbie Harter
(Ages 4-10) $8.99 Paperback
A vegetarian dragon?! You heard that right. Floro gets a lot of trouble from his peers for choosing a different lifestyle than them. Why doesn’t he want to attack the towns and eat the yummy people?Floro has to be brave to be himself and to not change just to please others. When the villagers are looking for a dragon to make a lesson out of they find Floro. Will Floro escape? Readers get to discover that being different is okay, and that it is possible for groups with differing views to co-exist and compromise.
If you are looking for some Spanish picture books to add to your library any of these would be a great choice. Let me know if you have any questions about which ones might be the best to buy first! And be sure to get in touch with me before you buy any so I can give you a discount code!!
October Spanish Picture Book List

October Spanish Picture Book List

Fall holds so many great themes for reading. In this list of Spanish picture books I have chosen to highlight books with the themes of pumpkins & fall, as well as a few of my current favorites to go along with celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month!! You can also check out my book list of Barefoot Books that Celebrate Hispanic Heritage.

Spanish Books About Hispanic Heritage

Dreamers (Ages 4-8)
by Yuyi Morales
Oh my word. This book is amazing. You don’t need to say anything except, “It was written and illustrated by Yuyi Morales” and I’m sold. I have only read parts of this book by peeking inside on Amazon, and I have also seen parts from reviews on Instagram, but what I have seen is amazing. Yuyi Morales tells the story of her move to the United States from her home country, México. It’s the story of many, and so worth telling. 

Bravo! (Grades 4-7)
by Margarita Engle

Eighteen poems about Hispanic figures of past and present—some famous, others not so famous. Each poem is accompanied by a beautiful portrait drawn by illustrator Rafael López. The back of the book also contains a small biographical paragraph about each figure represented in the book for readers to learn more about the lives of each. 

En mi familia (Ages 6-12)
by Carmen Lomas Garza

I loooove this book. Author Carmen Lomas Garza has painted scenes from her childhood growing up in southern Texas, near the U.S./Mexico border. Each painting has a vignette to go along with it, describing the scene. Some scenes are from everyday life, and others from very special occasions. It’s such a lovely tribute to Hispanic culture, family, language, religion, and history.

Spanish Books About Pumpkins & Fall

La calabaza rodante (Ages 3+)
by Junia Wonders
Illustrated by Daniel Volpari

One of those fun books where the phrases are repeated over and over again (great for language learning and comprehension!). Marla Pequeña’s pumpkin starts rolling down the road and all through the town without any signs of stopping. Marla follows it shouting for help along the way.

La cosecha de calabazas – Pumpkin Harvest (Ages 4-7)
by Calvin Harris

Learn about how pumpkins grow on a vine, change colors, and how they are harvested. This book is part of a series called “Todo acerca del otoño” (All About Fall).

Calabazas (Ages 5-8)
by Jacqueline Farmer
Illustrated by Phyllis Limbacher Tildes

Paying tribute to the star of the fall season, the pumpkin, through this book kids can learn about where the pumpkin originated in use, how it grows, how it is used today and more fun facts. The illustrations are done with colored pencil giving this book a cozy and cheery feel. It also includes a list of websites where kids can go to learn more about the pumpkin!

La viejecita que no le tenía miedo a nada (The Little Old Lady Who Wasn’t Afraid of Anything) (Ages 4-8)
by Linda Williams
Illustrated by Megan Lloyd

Here is a classic fall book that I was so happy to find in Spanish! Another entertaining tale that uses repetition. A little old lady sets out to collect some herbs and spices from the forest. She runs into some spooky things, but each time says “I’m not afraid of you!” Or is she? You can also find this book read aloud in Spanish on YouTube!

Carlos and the Squash Plant (Ages 5-8)
by Jan Romero Stevens
Illustrated by Jeanne Stevens

A silly tale about a boy who refuses to take a bath after working in the garden each day, and then a plant sprouts in all the dirt in his ear! Carlos learns a lesson about the importance of cleanliness, and that Mamá always knows best. 😉 In the back of the book, you can find a recipe for calabacitas traditionally cooked in the Southwestern United States.

Sopa de calabaza (Ages 4-7)
by Helen Cooper

We’ve read this book in English and it is a great story about friendship. The three animals always make pumpkin soup together, but one day duck decides it’s time for something different. Thankfully the animals figure out a way to compromise and work through their differences.

¡El otoño ya está aquí! (Ages 5-6)
by Albert Asensio

Little squirrel Nin pays attentions to the signs and knows that fall is here! Bears are eating more, animals are getting their nests ready, leaves begin to fall. What other signs of fall does the forest have to tell?

El otoño (Ages 4-8)
by Julie Murray

These books with simple text work well for kids who are learning Spanish! Talk about all the things that make us think of fall!

Estamos en otoño (Ages 8-12)
by Celeste Bishop

Fun illustrations and a narrative-style text walk you through all the fun activities you can do in the fall: hayrides, raking leaves, and more!

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Barefoot Books to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

Barefoot Books to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

Today’s post is part of Multicultural Kid Blogs Hispanic Heritage Month Series! You can join in by linking your own posts below, and be sure to check out all the other great articles that have been published this month listed at the end.

Recently, I became a part of the Barefoot Books publishing company as a Barefoot Books Ambassador. I immediately fell in love with the company because its mission aligned so well with what I strive for in our home: sharing stories with my kids that help them to connect with and value different cultures, countries, languages, and people around the world.

I also loved that company had so many books to offer in Spanish, and that many of the books celebrated Hispanic heritage. We already own most of these on the list below and I can’t wait until we have collected and read them all. In the list below you can read excerpts from the Barefoot Books website about each book, and some of my thoughts on what makes these books a must-have for your home or classroom library.

La frontera: El viaje con papá – My Journey with Papa
Based on a true story! Join a young boy and his father on an arduous journey from Mexico to the United States in the 1980s to find a new life. They’ll need all the courage they can muster to safely cross the border — la frontera — and to make a home for themselves in a new land. Inspired by the childhood immigration experience of co-author Alfredo Alva, this story of perseverance is told in both Spanish and English to empower language-learning. Includes 4 pages of endnotes that unpack facts about Alfredo’s story and other stories like his / borders and borders around the world to help 
parents and educators talk with children about immigration, resilience, empathy and belonging.”

A Junior Library Guild Selection for the 2018 elementary Spanish category.

Ages 3 to 11 years

Written By: Deborah Mills, Alfredo Alva
Illustrated By: Claudia Navarro

What a moving story. I love how the authors are able to tell this story of such hardship and divisive topics so that kids can see the humanity in it. When immigration is told through the eyes of a child it helps us to understand a broader perspective and to empathize. Great learning topics that stem from this story: geography of Mexico & southwestern United States; history of borders, history of immigration in the US; Reagan presidency; culture of Mexico; and much more! Barefoot Books does such a great job telling stories that get kids wanting to learn more. 

“NEW! Eight Mexican folk heroines come to vibrant life in this fascinating anthology illustrated by Pura Belpré Award-winning artist, educator and activist Maya Gonzalez. Drawing on centuries of Mexican traditions, Fiesta Feminina celebrates brave young girls, clever mythological characters and ambitious historic women leaders. With an illustrator’s note by Gonzalez and enthralling art throughout, Fiesta Feminina joins Barefoot’s popular anthology collection as an engaging tool to weave a captivating storytime in the classroom or at home.”

“A sparkling treasure in any folklore collection” —Booklist, starred review

Ages 6 to 10 yearsWritten By: Mary-Joan Gerson
Illustrated By: Maya Christina Gonzalez

I haven’t read this one yet because it is a new release for Fall 2018! It would be a perfect companion to the book above if you are wanting to learn more about Mexican culture.

The Wheels on the Bus – Las ruedas en el autobús
“Take an exciting bus ride from a Guatemalan village to a market town with this fresh approach to a favorite song. Features a Guatemalan-inspired, marimba-flavored singalong and endnotes about life in Guatemala. Includes audio singalong and video animation.”

Written By: Stella Blackstone
Illustrated By: Melanie Williamson
Sung By: The Amador Family

Have you ever read a Barefoot Books sing-a-long book? They are really fun! I love that you can get this one in English OR Spanish! This is a great book to get youngsters involved with learning about the country of Guatemala. See what their towns and villages are like, what their markets are like, and hear the rythms of marimba music. You can also learn a few Spanish words with the English edition. The cultural end-notes of the book teach you about the map of Guatemala, the mercados, the camionetas de pollos, Tejido textiles, Guatemalan money, the Guatemalan flag and the Quetzal bird. 

Lola’s Fandango – El fandango de Lola
“Lola is a young Spanish girl in awe of her glamorous older sister. However, she discovers her own talent and duende, or spirit, through secret fandango lessons from her father. The text is infused with the rhythms, movements and sounds of the dance and the humanity of Lola’s family is beautifully portrayed by Micha Archer’s collage-paintings. Spanish language edition of Lola’s Fandango.”

Written By: Anna Witte
Illustrated By: Micha Archer

In this story you can learn about Spain! One of the most famous aspects of Spanish culture, especially in the south, is Flamenco dancing and music. You can use this book as a jumping off point to study Flamenco, the guitar, life in modern Spain and wherever your curious minds take you! Lola’s Fandango was written by Anna Witte who grew up in Madrid, Spain.

If you are curious, check out this video or this one to see what the Fandango dance is like.

Off We Go to Mexico! – ¡Nos vamos a México!
“Travel to Mexico and discover its many wonders, from the amazing monarch butterflies in the highlands to a mariachi show in a village square. The rhyme and lyricism of the text is complemented by endnotes about the history of the country, national fiestas, and a glossary of simple Spanish vocabulary.”

Ages 4 to 10 years
Written By: Laurie Krebs
Illustrated By: Christopher Corr

We LOVE this book at our house!! I appreciate so much that it shows so many beautiful aspects of Mexico–its culture, history, language, landscapes, people, festivals, and more. If you read the English version, you will learn many Spanish words from glossaries at the bottom of each page. The illustrations are so colorful and will make you want to travel to this country in real life! The text is also very rhythmic and my kids have been walking around reciting different parts of it after reading it recently. 

If you read this book, be sure to check out these videos as companion studies for the book:

The Incredible Journey of the Butterflies
Families Around the World: Families of Mexico
Families Around the World: More Families of Mexico 

Up and Down in the Andes
“This rhyming text takes readers from Lake Titicaca all the way to the city of Cusco for the highly popular Inti Raymi festival, celebrated in
June each year. Children from many areas of southern Peru are traveling to the festival, each using a different mode of transport.”

Ages 4 to 10 years

Written By: Laurie Krebs
Illustrated By: Aurélia Fronty

I have not read this one yet, but I can’t wait to!! Perú holds a special place in my heart, and all the places in this book I have experienced first hand! I got to visit Lake Titicaca and lived in Cusco, Perú for a month. I can’t wait to read to my kids about Inti Raymi and then share with them photos from my trip ten years ago. 

Books are such a wonderful way to celebrate and learn about culture and heritage. I hope you can check some of these books out and share them with your family. Let me know what books you love to read to celebrate Hispanic heritage!!

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Fall Themed Spanish Books – September Spanish Booklist

Fall Themed Spanish Books – September Spanish Booklist

It’s booklist time again!! What kinds of themes do you love to talk about in September? Around here we like to talk about trees, since the leaves will be changing colors soon, and apples, and this September we’re reading the story “The Three Little Pigs” as part of our Jump Into Spanish curriculum, so I added the themes of construction and the farm as well! All these should make for a fun month! So see below for:
  • Books About Trees in Spanish, as well as some great tree activities and poems
  • Books About Apples in Spanish, as well as a fun video describing the parts of the apple
  • Books About Construction in Spanish
  • Books About the Farm in Spanish (including one sing-a-long!)

Disclosure: All the links to Amazon in this post are affiliate links. Any purchases you make through those links sends a small commission my way (without any additional cost to you), so thanks! Some links Barefoot Books send you to my personal Barefoot Books ambassador website. 

Books About Trees in Spanish

El árbol generoso (Ages 1-9)
Written and Illustrated by Shel Silversein

A classic tale about a boy and a tree who have a friendship that grows over the years. The tree gives and gives its love unconditionally until the boy is an old man. If you buy any book from this list from your home library, it should be this one. The text is very simple (great for Spanish learners!) and near the end follows a repetitive patter (also great for learning language!) and the story has many layers and elements that makes this book one that your kids can read and re-read over the years. At the high schoo level, you could even use it for a preterit vs. imperfect lesson! (Please excuse that brief grammar speak!) You can listen to it read aloud on YouTube here.

Call Me Tree – Llámame árbol (Ages 6-10)
Written and Illustrated by Maya Christina Gonzalez

I LOVE this book! It’s a bilingual text (which works well at our house since we are still learning Spanish and my kids are not fluent yet) written in verse. The narrator compares all the ways in which he is like a tree. “I begin within the deep dark earth…” // “Nazco dentro de la tierra profunda y oscura…” BONUS: it is written by a Spanish-speaking author, whose latina roots shine beautifully through in the verses and illustrations. This book would ALSO be awesome in tandem with yoga! The text is calming and full of strength. You can listen to it read on YouTube here.

Un árbol es hermoso – (A Tree is Nice) (Ages 4-8)
Written by Janice May Udry
Illustrated by Marc Simont

This book is a lovely tribute to trees and all the ways in which they are wonderful. Simont’s alternating color and black/white illustrations give the book a reminiscent, classical children’s book feel to the text; full of details and telling their own little stories, which makes for wonderful language building opportunities.

Me fascinan los árboles (Ages 5-6)
Written by Cari Meister; Spanish text by Eida del Risco
Illustrate by Terri Sirrell

One great thing about beginning readers like this one, is that they work well for language learners as well. So even if your child already knows how to read in their first language, if they are learning Spanish books like this will be the perfect level for them. “Trees, tree, trees! . . . Some are big. Some are small. . . Some have needles. Some have leaves.” Those are the types of simple sentence structures that work great when learning to read OR when learning a new language!

Dulce de árbol (Ages 5-8)
Written by Gunter Pauli 
Illustrated by Pamela Salazar Ocampo

A modern-day fable written from the perspective of a tree and a stalk of sugar cane. The two converse about the way humans use them, and alternatives ways they could be used. It’s part of a series of books put out by Gunter Pauli to teach kids to be ecologically responsible and to learn more about science.

Jorge el curioso construye una casa en un árbol (Ages 4-7)
by H.A. Rey

A great read, especially if you are learning about construction words in Spanish as well as tree-related words like we are this fall. The text is bilingual, and a Level 2 reader, so longer sentences than the Rookie Reader mentioned above, but not too overwhelming for kids just learning Spanish. In other words, not so much text that your kids will start screaming “I hate Spanish! Why do we have to read this?! I don’t understand anything you’re reading!!” Oh. Your kids don’t say that kind of stuff? Yeah, mine neither. 😉

Colores del otoño (Ages 5-6)
Written by Mari Schuh

Have you ever read a book by Crayola? The brightly colored photographs in this one are so pretty. Read about leaves in the fall, fall weather, preparing for winter, fall fun on the farm, and fun things to do in fall. Great opportunities for learning fall-themed vocabulary and especially learning about nature and colors in the fall!

Gathering the Sun: An Alphabet in Spanish and English (Ages 4-8)
Written by Alma Flor Ada; Translated into English by Rosa Zubizarreta
A collection of poems from Alma Flor Ada about more than trees, but the first poem “Árboles” is about trees. Silva’s illustrations for this book are gorgeous. A very warm tribute to Mexico, the land, and those who have dedicated their lives to working the land.

Great links for learning about trees:

Books About Apples in Spanish

Ana cultiva manzanas (Apple Farmer Annie) (Ages 3-7)
Written and Illustrated by Monica Wellington
Translated by Eida del Risco

Okay, I know I say this a lot, but I really like this book!! It has a very simple text, buuuut it really does give kids a great look into what it might be like to be an apple farmer. It’s a bilingual text so you can read it in English or Spanish. In the back there is a glossary of some Spanish words, and two recipes: one for applesauce and one for apple muffins. This book would be a GREAT book to do a unit study with! Apple Farmer Annie grows different types of apples, she sorts them, she makes different products with them, she takes her products to the city to sell in a farmer’s market, and more!

It’s an Apple Tree! ¡Es un manzano! (Ages 5-6)
Written by Elisa Peters

Another simple easy reader! It would be easy to help your kids learn each and every word in this book since there are so few words. Great for learning Spanish vocabulary, how to read in Spanish, and apple facts in Spanish. Bilingual text with photo illustrations.

La vida de la manzana (Ages 4-6)
Written by Nancy Dickmann

Learn about the life cycle of apples and how they are grown with this book. 24 pages full of color photographs showing all the parts of an apple and apples trees. Probably perfect for kindergarteners!

Los manzanos y las estaciones (Ages 5-6)
Written by Julie Lundgren

Similar to the two above, this one came recommended to me by a friend! For grades K-1, you can learn about the apple tree in all its different seasons! Lots of color photographs to go with the non-fiction science text.

Check out this fun video for learning about apples in Spanish:

  • Partes del fruto – A video made by a boy about parts of an apple and peach (2:02)

Books About Constructions in Spanish

Jorge el curioso construye una casa en un árbol (Ages 4-7)
by H.A. Rey

George learns what it takes to build something. You have to have a plan and the right materials. At the end of the book there are suggestions for kids to do some STEM-themed projects to do their own constructing. All in Spanish!

En el sitio de construcción – At the Construction Site (Ages 5-11)
Written by Steven Petruccio
Translated by Oscar Gongora

While you read about construction, wouldn’t it be fun to color too!? With this book you can! If you click through, you can take a peek inside on Amazon to see what the coloring pages look like. They are realistic pictures of different construction machines and workers on the job site.

Construyendo (Ages 3-7)
Written by Sally Sutton
Illustrated by Brian Lovelock

A board book for your littlest construction workers learning Spanish. I love the combination in this book of the very detailed, accurate illustrations paired with the rhythmic text chock full of Spanish onomatopoeias.

Demolición (Ages
Written by Sally Sutton
Illustrated by Brian Lovelock

Created by the same duo (and also a board book), Demolición makes the perfect companion to Construyendo. It’s a wonderful book for all the same reasons mentioned above. Your kids will have fun talking about demolishing and building all day long. Wouldn’t it be perfect to just get out your set of wooden blocks, read these two books, and build and demolish to your heart’s content?!

Construir una carretera (Ages 2-5)
Sutton & Lovelock

A truck-lovers dream of a book! Get this one for your little construction machine lovers so they can learn the names for their favorite machines in Spanish too! Also learn about all the important jobs and steps to building a highway, great for learning how to narrate what you see happening in roadwork areas around your own town!

Trucks – Camiones (Ages 1-3)
by Roger Priddy

Here’s another great board book for learning the names of big machines for your tiniest construction fans. This one is part of the “Primeras palabras” series. Kids love to learn the names of all the big trucks and machines they see even as little tykes!

Books About the Farm in Spanish

En la granja (Ages 3-5)
by Priddy Books

A fun “spin and discover” board book! Turn the pictures to discover different animals on the farm. The text prompts kids to turn the wheel to find the correct photo to answer the questions in the text. Educational fun for your little tots!

¡Vivamos la granja! (Ages 3-6)
Written by Jan Dobbins
Sung by Natalia Bernal
Illustrated by Laura Huliska-Beith

A fun sing-a-along about being on the farm. “A busy family and their friends spend a day working and playing on the farm. From milking the cows in the morning to closing the gate at night, learn about a day in the life of a farming family. Enhanced CD includes video animation and audio singalong.” Buy new through my Barefoot Books ambassador link here or in the title link. 

Ruidoso toca y levanta: Granja (Ages 3-5)
by Scholastic

This one looks really fun! My kids love anything interactive, especially if it’s noisy! Lift the flaps in this board book and make a bunch of silly noise like all the farm animals. 

Scholastic Explora tu mundo: La granja (Ages 4-8)
by Scholastic

Here’s a really fun non-fiction book about the farm with LOTS of great photographs and words to learn. It says ages 4-8, but it might work for kids even a little older than that if they are learning Spanish. There’s lots of great non-fiction text and descriptions of interesting facts about the farm.

Un pato en tractor (Ages 4-8)
Written and Illustrated by David Shannon

Have you read Duck on a Bike? Well watch out! He’s back, but this time at the wheel of the tractor. Duck thinks if he can ride a bike, surely he can drive a tractor. But the other animals aren’t so sure. And THANK YOU, Scholastic for reading it to us (with animated illustrations, no less) on YouTube in Spanish!! I’ll warn you though, this one is a longer story. So if your kids are very new to Spanish, this one might lose their interest.

Los pollitos – Little Chickies (Ages 2-5)
by Canticos

Put out by Nick Jr.’s Canticos, this lift the flap board book is sure to entertain! The book is based on the classic Spanish nursery rhyme song “Los pollitos.” You can sing along to the song while you read the book (with their free app, or on YouTube), and then also read or sing the English side as well. This one is a must for your preschoolers!!

Señor Pancho Had a Rancho (Ages 3-6)
by Rene Colato Lainez
Illustrated by 

Here’s a fun bilingual twist on the song “Old McDonald Had a Farm!” You’ll find that the animals have a rollicking time trying to understand each other’s different languages for communicating. They all have one thing in common though, dancing!!

Please share your favorite Spanish books on these subjects in the comments below!!