Friday, October 31, 2014

Size Ordering in Spanish with Pumpkins // Ordenar por tamaño con calabazas

I have always loved Highlights magazine.  Now I love it even more after discovering that each issue has a story introducing Spanish words and vocabulary.  If you do not subscribe to Highlights, check out their website because they also have a bilingual magazine they off for 2 through 6-year-olds.  But until you get your own copy, you can probably find some to borrow at your local library.  Our library keeps all the old issues tucked under the shelf of the current month, and they allow library patrons to take the old ones home just like a library book.  Each month a new magazine is published, so the themes are seasonal and apply no matter what year it is.  Below is a fun activity we did after reading a pumpkin story from last year's October issue.

Marcos goes to the pumpkin patch with his mom and finds three pumpkins: a big one, a bigger one and the biggest one.  Although the story is written in English, Marcos uses some Spanish phrases when speaking with his mom.  This type of format works well with my boys (or any children learning Spanish) because they can follow the story line, and figure out what the Spanish means through context and by the wonderful illustrations.

Even parents who do not speak Spanish can read these stories with their kiddos.  You can see in the photo above they highlight the Spanish text in red, and then follow it up with a pronunciation and translation box.  You can learn the phrases with your child, and then find opportunities to use that phrase in your day-to-day.  Or you can practice by doing this extension activity that we did!

We did a size ordering activity.  I cut out three pumpkins to match the ones in the story.  I let my boys tear some brown paper (fine motor practice!) for the stems.  First I modeled putting the pumpkins in order.  You can use Spanish phrases like I did, or say as much as you feel comfortable. 

For example:

"Esta calabaza es grande.  Y esta calabaza es más grande.   ¡Y esta calabaza es la más grande!"

"This pumpkin is grande.  The next pumpkin is más grande.  And the last pumpkin is la más grande."

Then hand them the pumpkins and glue and let them at it!  I wrote the size words on the pumpkins after we finished so we could point to them and say each size order name for practice.  Feliz pumpkin-ing!


  1. Hello. First, I want to thank you for all the great activities you post. But can I make a suggestion? I don't think you understand what Labels on blog posts are for. They are for grouping posts on similar topics, so that people can go to the bottom of the post and click on a tag/label and find other similar posts. Like on this post I might expect to see labels like "Fall, Activities, Vocabulary." That way if I wanted to see what fall activities you did last year, I wouldn't have to wade through the archives to find your posts from last November/October, but could just click the link at the bottom that says "fall" or and all the posts you've ever tagged with this would come up. While I can see where "Highlights magazine" might be a good label, since you might have other posts related to Highlights magazine articles, I really doubt you'll you'll ever have another "size ordering pumpkin activity." Anyways, wasn't trying to criticize, just trying to be helpful.

    1. You are right! I did not know that--just thought they were like Google key words. Thanks for the tip!


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