Un día en la vida is Spanish for “A Day in the Life.”  Something I have grown to love so much about blogging is meeting people from around the world.  I love learning about languages and cultures.  I love seeing how people and families live around the world.  That got me thinking.  Wouldn’t it be great to have a place we all meet up and share our day-to-day lives?  Let’s share what the streets look like in Spain.  What the food looks like in Morocco.  What houses look like in Malawi.  What kind of transportation they use in Chicago or Paris.  Below you will see photos from a day in my life in Missouri.  Share your own post of photos in the linky below, and let’s travel the world!  For more info see below.

                This is an invitation to join me in meeting people around the world! Each week we will take pictures of the simple moments of an entire day and give them the hashtag #undíaenlavida (a day in the life).  I’ll be posting my pictures on Wednesdays on Instagram, but you can choose any day and join in on Twitter or Facebook as well! If you are a blogger, at the end of your day gather all the photos in one post and link it up on Wednesdays at www.fortheloveofspanish.com to share with others!
                I cannot wait to see what kinds of things are happening around the world—what do other people do on a normal day? What do they eat? What’s the weather like? Where do they go? How does their home look?  How do they pass the time? What is the local landscape like?  
                If you would like to participate follow these instructions:
·        Choose a day each week and take pictures throughout the enitre day. Post them to Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.  Tag them with the hashtag #undíaenlavida.
·         Put all your pictures in a post and link it up at www.fortheloveofspanish.com.
·         If you link up, be sure to visit others’ websites and see what they have been up to that day as well!
·         Grab the “Un día en la vida” button below and put it in your blog post . . . be sure to link back to www.fortheloveofspanish.com.

·         Have fun exploring the world through the eyes of individual people everywhere!


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