It is the first day of March and you would think it would be time to blog about la primavera.  But no.  We are expecting 3-5 inces of snow tonight.  Soooo, in honor of that, here are some fun counting pictures you can use to practice counting in Spanish.  You can print the off as flashcards, or put them in a Power Point or Smart Board presentation for your classroom.  Maybe embracing the winter weather will make it go away more quickly?  Wishful thinking.

Ask your kiddos or students: “¿Cuántos muñecos de nieve hay?”  Have them count the snowmen in the picture and answer with “Hay . . . muñecos de nieve,” or “Veo . . . muñecos de nieve.”  Have fun counting!

¿Cuántos muñecos de nieve hay? = How many snowmen are there?

Hay . . . muñecos de nieve. = There are . . . snowmen.
Veo . . . muñecos de nieve. = I see . . . snowmen.

So in this picture you would ask in Spanish, “How many snowmen are there?” The child would count one and say “I see one snowman.”  This is the only instance in which the answer is singular and it would sound like this: “Veo un muñeco de nieve.”  The number uno changes to un before a masculine singular noun (such as snowman).