Books About Love in Spanish – February Booklist

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Looking for books in Spanish for the month of February? I’ve got a booklist for you! These books about love in Spanish are sure to cheer you up in this last full month of winter. I found lots of Spanish board books (some that even rhyme), books with our favorite characters (like Froggy!), books about family & friendship – all in Spanish! I hope you can find some to enjoy together as a family in this month of love. Happy reading en Español!

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Board Books

Loving Kindness . . . Bondad amorosa by Whitney Stewart, Illustrated by Rocio Alejandro

One of Barefoot Books’ newest Spanish releases! Bondad amorosa helps little tots understand ways we can show others that we care and love for them – and that love is meant to be shared.

Ages 2-4 Years

Abrazos y besitos by Leslie Patricelli

Leslie Patricelli books are so fun! At our house they’re a hit with kids up to ages 6 or 7, especially because they can be funny and silly. The Spanish text in this particular book of hers does not rhyme like the English text, which might be a deal-breaker for some. But if you’re like us, any bilingual book is great because it acts as a bridge to reading books in Spanish only someday!

26 Pages

Te amo, sol – Te amo, luna by Karen Pandell, Illustrated by Tomi dePaola

Tomie de Paola’s illustrations make any book a winner! And this one is no different. The text is super simple – on each page a child says “I love you ___,” fill in the blank with different things from nature: sun, moon, wind, fish, tree. A GREAT way to reinforce how to say “I love you” in Spanish, as well as learning the names of parts of nature! This one would be great for babies, toddlers, and young Spanish learners. Maybe a tiny bit childish for ages 7+. What do you think?

Ages 1-3, 12 Pages

Mi amor por ti by Susan L. Roth

What’s more amazing than talking about the love we have for each other? Learning Spanish while we do it! In this book, two mice talk about how much they love each other. It’s bigger than a bear, taller than two giraffes, more enormous than three whales . . . Kids can practice counting, learn the names of animals, and also hear how to make comparisons in Spanish! The paper collage illustrations are really neat too. I can see an art project coming after reading this one!

1-3 Years, 26 Pages

Te amaré por siempre by Caroline Jayne Church

Oh, this one is so sweet! And it rhymes in Spanish as well as in English!! There’s nothing like the love between parent and child – it indeed lasts forever.

22 Pages, Preschool+

Quiero a mi mamá porque . . . by Laurel Porter-Gaylord, Pictures by Ashely Wolff

What a sweet tribute to motherhood and the love all mothers give to their children – in the human and animal world alike! This bilingual book is perfect for little Spanish speakers, or beginning learners. The sentences are simple and short. You could also use this as a fun way to learn the names of some different animals – rabbits, koalas, otters, deer, and more.

Ages 1-3, 22 Pages

Quiero a mi papá porque . . . by Laurel Porter-Gaylord, Pictures by Ashley Wolff

Take a look at all the different dads—penguins, puffins, eagles, lions—and the way they take care of their little ones! Another loving tribute to the bond shared between child and parent, at the perfect reading or comprehension level of beginning Spanish learners! Just remember, bilingual books are not always translated word for word, so avoid using the English text to understand what the Spanish words are. A dictionary is better for that! And you can access a free, online Spanish-English dictionary at!

Ages 1-3, 22 Pages

Besos for Baby by Jen Arena, Illustrated by Blanca Gómez

Baby wants kisses! Mami and Papi want kisses too! This board book written mostly in English introduces kids to new words in Spanish like Mommy and Daddy, kisses, sun, flowers, wind and more! A great board book for those very beginning Spanish learners.

22 Pages, Preschool+

Valentine’s Day

El primer San Valentín de Clifford by Norman Bridwell

Have fun reading about Clifford’s first Valentine’s Day when he was small enough to fit in Emily Elizabeth’s pocket! What will happen when he gets tangled up in glue and paper and accidentally mailed at the post office!?

32 Pages, Ages 5+

¡Feliz día de San Valentín! by Elizabeth Ritter

Follow the main character around in this story to see what he does to celebrate Valentine’s Day – making cupcakes, decorating cards, singing songs. A great read to give Spanish learners vocabulary to talk about what they do around this holiday.

4-8 Years, 24 Pages

¡Es el Día de San Valentín! by Richard Sebra

Here’s a short and sweet non-fiction read about the holiday Valentine’s Day. Learn what day the holiday falls on, the customary gifts exchanged, the symbols used on cards and presents, and what the day celebrates—our loved ones!

4-7 Years, 24 Pages, Lexile Measure 420

Dora quiere mucho a Boots by Alison Inches, Illustrated by Zina Saunders

Dora is always a good idea, right? In this Dora adventure, kids will help Dora and Boots find thier way to Rainbow Rock to meet each other for a Valentine’s Day picnic. Along the way they’ll help Dora pick some strawberries – Boots’ favorite – and help Boots get some chocolate for Dora from Chocolate Lake. Will they make it without any trouble along the way?

3-6 Years, 24 Pages

¡Feliz día de la Amistad, Gus! by Jacklyn Williams, Illustrated by Doug Cushman

Gus makes a Valentine for his mom at school, but what happens when some bullies or a gust of wind come along? Will Gus be able to have a Valentine ready for his mom when the day arrives?

5-9 Years, 32 Pages

Classics & Familiar Characters

Amor de La oruga muy hambrienta by Eric Carle

The famous hungry caterpillar is back for Valentine’s Day. This sweet book reads like a Valentine card: “You are so sweet . . . the cherry to my cake . . . the apple of my heart.” A fun read for learning yummy ways to express our love.

3-5 Years, 32 Pages

Adivina cuánto te quiero by Sam McBratney, Illustrated by Anita Jeram

Have you ever read the Spanish edition of the classic “Guess How Much I Love You”? Little Nutbrown Hare tells his dad how much he loves him, and each time Father Nutbrown Hare responds with more ways he loves him back. A sweet story that would pair perfectly with “Quiero a mi papá porque . . . ” from above!

24 Pages, Preschool+

El primer beso de Froggy by Jonathan London, Illustrated by Frank Remkiewicz

Who doesn’t love Froggy?! In this book, Froggy is working on a secret Valentine’s card . . . who could it be for? Froggy’s antics don’t disappoint in this silly and entertaining book.

32 Pages

Siempre te querré by Robert Munsch

A Spanish edition to the classic tear-jerker “I’ll Love You Forever” is probably a must for any bilingual family! The book goes through the years of a little boy until he’s grown, and through the years his mom always sings him the same song: “I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always as long as I’m living, My baby you’ll be . . . ” Until one day we find the boy singing the song to his mother.

5-8 Years, 32 Pages

Love & Besos

Te amo by Calee M. Lee, Illustrated by Tricia Tharp

Cute & silly similes fill this book to express the love between parent and child – “I love you like a skipping stone, I love you like a doggie’s bone.”

Kids might have a fun time making a book like this of their own and coming up with their own similes in Spanish. If your kids are just learning Spanish, try letting them write the similes in English first, and then you can help them translate into Spanish!

4-8 Years, 32 Pages

El beso más grande by Virginie Aracil

What a cute board book! Sweet & short rhymes on each page about a kiss for each animal . . . and the biggest kiss of all is for the baby at the end. I can see this being one of those books the little toddlers ask to read over and over again!

Ages 1+, 12 Pages

Besos de animales by Barney Saltzberg

Little tots will have fun with this touch and feel book. How about a scratchy kiss from a cat, or the sticky kiss of a dog, or the furry kiss of a bear. A great read for learning fun adjectives and exploring the senses for little ones.

2-3 Years, 14 Pages

Besos cucú by Barney Saltzberg

Another touch and feel book – but this time peek-a-boo style! Kids can peek and see what kiss is waiting for them behind hands or paws.

2-3 Years, 14 Pages

Un beso en mi mano by Audrey Penn, Illustrated by Ruth Harper

Although this story centers around Chester, the main character, attending his first day of school, I wanted to share it here because I love how the mom teaches him that he can carry her love with him wherever he goes.

3-8 Years, 32 Pages

¿De qué color es un beso? by Rocio Bonilla

On Amazon, this book has mixed reviews. Some parents didn’t like it because on one page the narrator mentions that she doesn’t like vegetables. However, I wanted to include it because I love what a creative story it is! Monica looooves to paint, and soon she comes along something she doesn’t know the color for – BESOS! She wonders through each of the colors thinking of why – and why not – kisses could be that color.

I feel like this is one of those books that, although has lots of words that would go over my Spanish-learners heads, they would still love it for the lively illustrations, the personality of the main character, the fun ideas, and even the fonts that add to the entertaining tempo of the story.

So what color IS a beso?!

5-6 Years, 36 Pages

Siempre te querré by Caroline Pedler

It’s always great to find a book in Spanish that rhymes like this one, where little kid animals tell stories of why they love and admire their parents. The love of family always endures and this book is a celebration of that.

Baby – 5 Years, 26 Pages


Written by a mom and licensed counselor, this book has a message of love we often forget to tell – how to love ourselves! Esperanza is part of the school play, and when it doesn’t go as planned, she learns to have self-compassion and to be a friend to herself.

34 Pages

¿Has llenado una cubeta hoy? by Carol Cloud

I was so happy to find this picture book has a Spanish edition! Kids really can grasp the meaning of being kind with the metaphor put forth in this book. When we’re kind to others we are filling up an invisible bucket they carry around – which makes them feel good and happy. When we are unkind it empties that person’s bucket and makes them feel sad. People we see acting unkind probably have empty buckets themselves. A great way to help kids understand kindness and love.

4-9 Years, 32 Pages

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